Thursday, November 18, 2010

Air tells about new AIRTEL !

Ad by: JWT

Any change is difficult to manage. 
Airtel has undergone a change that has called so many apprehensions which are now becoming a difficult task to manage. The black, white, red combination word starting with capital A was known to every living soul. Suddenly, the web is crowded, people are talking and Airtel building on NH8 is changed. The new logo is artisctically written small 'a' above Airtel with its letters in lower case and dominating red color against white background. Along with logo, the tune that existed for more than 10 years is also changed, this time again by AR Rahman. All these changes are showcased by new advertisement having a new concept. So, Airtel has gone for a rebranding. Just like, Vodafone had undergone or rather when Hutch was acquired by Vodafone. Hutch was a strong brand but still it had gone thru that rebranding making it even more stronger today. 

Airtel had to take this challenge of having a change. Indian telecom market is saturated and this makes competition for Airtel really difficult. This became a reason for them to cross the boundaries and become Indian MNC with presence in 18 countries post Africa based Zain's acquisition. So today they are the 5th largest telecom company, with 200 million users in India, 40 million in Africa and 10 million in Bangladesh, Srilanka. Primarily 3 reasons justify the Airtel rebrading: Speak internationally, Connect with youth across all geographies, Sync with 3G services. Airtel needs to appeal to several markets now being meaningful to all of them, and at the same time depict that it is an MNC brand with presence in many countries. Thus the new logo which seems to be inspired by Zain makes it more appealing to masses across the world because of its simplicity. Likewise, the dynamism of the logo and tune turns to be more modern, vibrant, and friendly so as to reach the youth across globe. Also, Bharti Airtel spent $23 billion for 3G services and thus they need to get prepared for them to balance the investments made. 

The Airtel subscribers or non-subscribers across the nation held a connect with old Airtel. Sudden change in everything associated with the brand certainly leads to an abrupt disconnect that takes the consumer away from the brand. As a brand, it is understandable that to meet the market need a rebranding was compulsory. But at the same time, it is an equal responsibility of the brand to understand that what its market needs. A new logo is acceptable only if it is more dynamic than previous one, a new tune is enjoyable only if masses can't stop humming it after listening to it once, a new ad is watchable only if it reaches masses' heart. From a brand like Airtel, who gets 2 million viewers on first day of introducing world's first voice blogging service- Airtel Blog, much more is expected. Airtel has annoyed its customer base by giving them what they don't desire and taking away what they always adored. 

Hopefully, the impact of change washes away with time. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

SMS- Superbly Messed Service !

Ads By: Slim Belts, Property, Insurance, Education courses, ETC

You have a New Message. 
TA-, TD-, TM-, AD- and many more ! There is certainly no one today whose inbox is not flooded with messages carrying these prefixes. This mode of reaching to customers is not restricted with any kind of boundaries. Anytime of the day or night, there could be a beep on mobile phone trying to educate us about latest Sauna belts, numerous real estate choices that have been made especially for us, various distance learning courses that would take our career to new peaks instantly, so many banks trying to make us healthy and wealthy. There is no escape to them, there is no end to them, but also there is no need of them. 

These bulk messages have become such constant source of irritation that a sight of standard format on phone screen and it is deleted even without reading beyond three alphabets. The new TRAI regulation has insisted to restrict the Sender ID for these messages to minimum 6 characters. Three character specify the SMS service provider and from where it has originated followed by a hyphen. So when we see AD-Something, it signifies that "Something" is using bulk SMS provider based at Delhi (D) which uses Airtel (A). Likewise TA means Tata Andhra Pradesh, TM means Tata Mumbai, BA means BSNL Andhra Pradesh and so on. Thus, these initial 3 characters act as caution that what follows this is just a bulk message and carries no personal significance. Though there exists an option of sending Do Not Disturb to 1909 and get rid of this bulk but somehow some options are just feel good factors and not solutions.

In around 3000-4000 Rupees a month, these companies try to reach out their customers through these messages and get their attention. They certainly gather the attention that they are clearly identified and deleted without any apprehension. Such kind of mobile marketing spoils the brand image and comes across as a cheap marketing stunt. If the purpose of these messages is to take attention then certainly it is a negative marketing which makes a consumer feel that how insignificant he has been considered to become part of a bulk list. These messages would be beneficial in cases when there is a need to inform about an event or activity that has temporary existence and thus requires immediate spread. Too much of anything indeed ruins the importance and now all messages starting with typical 3 characters have lost their viewers.

New Message with 3 characters in beginning are meant to be deleted.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

AB with ABC of KBC

Ad By: Leo Burnett

Amitabh Bachchan - preparing the nation's people to prepare themselves !
There would hardly be anyone who would not know about Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). And all those who know it also know it as a property of Amitabh Bachchan (AB). With such widespread audience already registered with the name, the relaunch does not really need much introduction. AB humming the tune of KBC is enough to declare that its coming back. Besides the most famous CID series, Sony screen is now taken by the commercials talking about KBC. From the announcement of its come back, to declare dates for registration and to gather eye balls, KBC has not missed anything in around 20 days. The launch came in a big and creative way by bringing the commercial during Indian Idol Finale which had the maximum audience glued to Sony at that time. From there starts a journey of promotions which is going to reach its destination on October 11 thats when the KBC goes on air. The marketing plan has been very creatively laid by placing the launch on birthday of Amitabh Bachchan so whatever the reasons be but TRP on October 11 for Sony is going to be record breaking. 

Following the announcement in Indian Idol Finale, there has been so many commercials talking about KBC that these promotions themselves are citing a story giving out new facts every day. Bringing life to the enthusiasm associated with KBC, the TV commercial leaves audience to discuss who is father of Akbar. A child asks his father this question and father laughs over it. Father doesn't leave it with a laugh but shares this as a joke with his friends and also with new people he meets. Father is shown amazed that how can his son ask him such silly questions and that such questions are not supposed to be considered relevant. A night before when father is on hot seat with AB, son again asks the same thing before sleeping but father didn't find any sense in it. As expected, on hot seat, the first question which is considered to be the simplest question asked by AB was same- Who was Akbar's father? AB with complete sarcasm points that this must be so simple that even son would be able to answer. Father's head goes down, he is embarrassed and son had no reaction or action to deliver. 

Certainly, the dual purpose of commercial is served. It definitely brings along the entire family to follow the series and also puts it across that the series is not going to be that easy now. The question is shown as a difficult one in entire commercial that the father thinks that such difficult answers he is not supposed to know and AB also ends it in his witty way by giving his sarcastic comment. KBC has been about knowledge, about entertainment and about watching it with complete family. The commercial certainly makes sure presence of all this in its communication. Also, it is a bigger win for a commercial if its audience gets discussing it off screen also. That happens in a big way with this commercial when people actually flaunt that they do know who is Akbar's father and say " Humayunnnn Obviously ! ".

ABC of KBC is properly communicated.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Parachute - Per Ad Sales Shoot Add

Ad By: McCann Erickson

"Khubsurat hai badna"- Hair and Brand
Parachute has made a position for itself in market today that for major part of customer base Parachute is synonymous to Hair Oil. Be it credited to its years of existence or to its product quality or its brand awareness, everything confines to its marketing strategies. When a product gets old, it also gets experienced and with that experience comes along a pride which bounces an attitude of arrogance. With that kind of product lifecycle, a brand is ought to mess with its marketing campaigns. But Parachute has wisely taken care of its communications at every stage. From right brand ambassador like Asin and Anoushka Sharma to right tagline of "Gorgeous Hamesha" and "Khubsurat hai badna", it knows how to maintain the brand features.

The new ad talks about journey of a girl in her life where every moment becomes a milestone when she gets certain new learning developing her into a newer better person. The ad starts with a lady in saree elegantly standing besides a window and remembering her days gone by while running her fingers thru her hair. Starting with short hair when she is with a friend dressed in casual jeans, moving to a subtler attire where she gives gift to a house maid carrying her hair little longer and then shown considerate about emotions of her mother while dressed in suit and having even longer hair this time. The gesture is very broad and simple. They don't try to claim the immediate benefits of product rather very beautifully show that it takes a long journey to get those long hair like it takes a long journey to become a better person. Slowly, we move ahead in life and every small incidence leaves us with some impression where we learn something and constitute it in our character. Likewise, the nourishment for hair is used for life and it becomes part of life that stays along to keep us growing. 

The point put across is as clear as lame it is. Though it is clear that they want to talk about the journey of life and wants to show that Parachute should be a part of life but at the same time it also leaves a very lame impression. It doesn't encourage much about the product characteristics as it is instead showing that product is kind of slow resulting and it might take ages to get desired form. But perhaps, at this stage of lifecycle, a brand doesn't really need to bother to prove its product characteristics, rather only needs to show the significance of its presence. At the end, ad leaves with a beautiful thought of growing and growing beautifully. 

Khubsurat hai badna from inside and from outside.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Enter, Print, New, Revenue :Entrepreneur

Ad By: Entrepreneurs

Enter into business, print about the new idea and generate Revenues !
The tough competition and easy choices have turned many into entrepreneurs. The tough competition and easy choices have increased the scope of advertising. Every one in their every day life think of some revenue generating new ideas and many amongst everyone move forward to materialize it. Resulting, we know of many entrepreneurs today in their late 20s or early 30s who have either seen difficult times or have casually on a coffee table started with their business ideas. It doesn't take 25 years now to become big overnight. The stories of entrepreneurs existed earlier also but they were not known like they are known today. Reading about success story of small business was an occasional thing in some business magazine. There were few channels who gathered such info and shared it through print media telling them as an inspiring success story. 

Now, with marketing medium getting dimensionless, there is no end to subjects that are exposed and informed. Amongst, various mediums, print media is the most prominent one that has grown despite of technological advancements that acts against it. Magazines today are carefully segmented and within various segments there exist a huge competition. They still carry the success story but today the way they are segmented and targeted, the purpose of sharing those stories is entirely changed. More than a story or news, they are source of revenue for both the content maker and content publisher. The content maker (Entrepreneur) shares about his business idea in a specific magazine evaluating who is the target segment of his business and which magazine is followed by that segment. The reader would certainly acknowledge the business that is shared in an authorized magazine and would follow it. The publisher is certainly benefited from the revenue generated. It is wise to merge the resources in this way so as to get win win situation. 

Entrepreneur who makes videos for families understands that Femina would be the right choice as woman readers of Femina carry that emotional quotient to acknowledge the significance of product offered. Thus, her story is a success story in Femina which is presented as to motivate woman audience but also gives information about the product creating interest towards it which would encourage more sale. Likewise, small businesses for whom the target segment is youth -college or corporate people share about themselves in a section of Outlook Money. It is indeed interesting to notice the way various resources are utilized now. 

Significant part of entrepreneurship is definitely marketing !

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Volkswagen Vows !

Ad By: DDB Mudra

Das Auto = "The Car"
Volkswagen started their campaign in India, not by coming with their brand name but by showing themselves as Category name. They emphasize on "Das Auto" in every communication which means "The Car" in German language. So when they started to reach the Indian customer, they didn't try to pitch in with their product features or with their German engineering expertize or with their well known brand name, they took a bigger challenge of making their name synonymous with automobile category - Car. Like in earlier days, for middle class of India, car meant Maruti; same way in todays highly cluttered automobile industry, Volkswagen wants the Indian customer to think of Volkswagen when they think of Car. Establishing the brand name in minds of audience, Volkswagen take it forward by presenting their international product in the most local way.

The tv commercials for "Polo" from Volkswagen came after interesting, eye-catching newspaper print ads. The tv commercial ads in series of 4 were equally noticeable and interesting. The product is targeted for Middle class with price starting from around 4.5 Lakhs and thus in every communication, it comes across that how well they have understood their target segment. A middle class family who would consider buying this product would be someone who is learned, knows about competitive world and so could be someone from corporate world with formal attire and sleeves folded, tie loosened by the end of day. When he makes a purchase decision for high involvement product like car, he tries to find out maximum information about all the basic features of car like fuel efficiency, ground clearance, safety etc. He would trust it only after he finds about it himself. This is how car is purchased in Indian families after lot of research and discussions about it. So, Volkswagen hits on this very obsession of finding about features, presenting a corporate individual in his Maharashtra registered car (MH 02 BM 1199) who tries to test his car for few specific features. The moment he takes a sigh of relief that his car cleared the test he himself put in front of it, he finds himself in a problem for challenging the obvious. Showing how they understand the thinking of their customers, they attempt to remove all apprehensions any customer carry, by voice over in the end saying Engineers have already tested the vehicle so customers don't have to bother themselves by doing it again. That is indeed like getting inside the consumers mind. Though it might also leave a negative feeling for a part of audience who might take an offense for showing them to land in pool if they try to challenge the brand but then there is very little difference in reality and optimism. 

Earlier, Volkswagen has been taken as International brand who are too good but even the best needs to get better with Indian road conditions. In this campaign, they have replied to this very challenge by giving proof that how Indian road conditions are well taken by "Polo" from Volkswagen. Also, they don't miss out in mentioning that its still German Engineering but is Made in India. That is the like making best German Engineering better for Indian conditions. Though they shoot in South Africa to show Indian conditions but that is fair enough until the point is put across well. They seem to have taken care of every minute thing and indeed get noticed in midst of high competition of automobile where every car ad looks almost same. 

360 Degree campaign showing German Engineering. Made In India. 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catch the Ketchup !

Ad By: Contract Advertising

Curious for Ketchup brand?

We know of several ketchup brands, few for their Javed Jaffery comic ads, few for their long old existence and few for their sophisticated and different appeal. Midst this, comes another international brand which tries to be more than local in their approach. Field Fresh Foods, a joint venture between Bharti Enterprise and Philippines based Del Monte launched two variants of its sauces (not ketchups)- tangy and fruity Twango and Sweet and spciy Zingo. Del Monte has been into producing packaged food items such as canned fruits, olive oil, pasta, olives and now when they come to add some new flavor thru their sauces they have been very cautious in reaching the consumers head or heart or stomach or just the taste buds.

The product like sauces is generally taken by the ladies or by the young people. So considering that, ad aptly shows a lady and few young guys. Moreover the lady taken is Shefali Shah who is a well known actor and is well recognized by Indian ladies and youth. As product is trying to target middle class and is avoiding to show themselves as some international brand, so the ad is shot in a train with a lady having a samosa (Indian snack shown may be to show connectivity). Lady is trying to put sauce on side of her plate and is irritated as sauce is not coming out of the sachet. It is to note that either she has not even opened the sachet or sachet is empty implying she must have already eaten another samosa as the one shown here looks untouched. So the problem is not her liking towards taste of sauce but towards the packaging. Other shot shows few guys who were comfortably sitting in standing train but suddenly thought that they should leave. One of the best looking guys amongst that group is for some reason carrying a bottle of sauce in side pocket of his bag where people generally keep water. He offers sauce to the lady and put it over her samosa so that she gets only one bite of it and while he is doing this, lady is so mesmerized looking at him that she ignores her samosa completely. Though generally ladies of Indian families teach that one should never take anything from the stranger but guess thats not applicable for young guys who travel in train. The lady got lost in taste and she wants to know what is it that has tempted her taste buds so much. She is now on spree to find out the brand of the sauce. Punjabi lady dressed in salwar kameez like Kareena Kapoor of Jab we Met jumps out of the train and starts her chase. She is shouting, screaming, running, jumping to catch the guy but no one around notices her to pass her message further. She is climbing stairs where no one is there but she certainly knows what direction guy has gone. Though it is a train journey so train must have stopped at any station but still it is confusing to understand what they are trying to show. Punjabi lady chasing metro city guy leaving a station that has Mumbai board outside it but having AP registered taxis running on road with Rajasthan kind of buildings around and chai wala with turban. May be thats an effort to show that they are reaching "entire" india. Once she finds from him which brand it is she is satisfied and returns. She just wanted to know it for her curiosity, not that she wanted to have more of it and the guy is also fine in throwing away his bottle of sauce to her. 

The ad is very predictable and obvious story line. Though the effort is nice by taking a good endorser but with this kind of product and brand endorser, there could have been much more to experiment. The video takes attention but losses it till the end.

Should have been desire for ketchup brand. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tanishq - An ishq for jewellery or wedding

Ad By: Lowe

Jewellery for wedding ceremonies !
It is a kind of trend of "our" generation that parents push children to marry and children deny it. Be it guys or girls, the youth is independent and unlike earlier days does not count marriage as priority in life. For them being settled in life is more about being settled with a steady and crazily paying job. Parents also are now very much understanding in terms of taking the point of young generation and giving them liberty to decide the path of their life. But still they are parents who know their responsibilities and thus know that they can't force children to get married but can surely try convincing them. So, it is a sweet battle between independent children and understanding experienced parents. 

The new tanishq jewellery ad shows a same kind of set up wherein there is a young daughter who is independent and carries an attitude towards life along with her sensibility towards parents. She is shown driving car with her parents and dressed in a very subtle way like a modern day learned girl. Also, she is shown to dressed in a saree and to speak politely with her parents which shows how much she knows her core traditional values. All in all, the character is shown like the best balance possible for todays young girl. Father, in the front seat is shown worried and is throwing all possible facts about a guy with which he thinks the daughter might get fascinated and agrees for marriage. The character of father is rightly shown to be a logical head of the family who wants to put everything in place in the family. Mother, who looks super confident knowing that whatever father is trying to do is useless and just sits silently in back seat observing his trials. She spots a tanishq showroom and leaves the car saying with complete sarcasm that father and daughter can continue with whatever they were trying to do. Mother takes attention of daughter with beautiful jewellery. Daughter casually picks a jewel and starts to try them. Tanishq staff eventually dresses her into a bride and asks her when is the wedding. Mother's sarcasm again gets active and says "Oh Wedding Jewellery ! Sorry we are not interested". While, every jewel is taken off from daughter, she realizes that she cannot have them unless she marries. She asks about guys name to initiate the wedding topic again. Father is like in heaven not able to understand how come suddenly she is interested. Thats when the sarcastic, confident, silent mother sends an sms to father that its been so long but still he doesnt know anything about ladies. Indeed ! only a lady would know about fascination with jewellery. Saying same is Tanishqs punchline in the end of ad- Jewellery that makes you want to marry. 

The ad is beautifully done capturing all the emotions that exist in family, all the bonds that exist in members of family, all hesitations and desire that exists in different generations, all gaps that exist between the ages and genders. Jewellery is always an emotional asset for ladies and understanding the mind set of the target audience is the best that has been taken care of here. Nobody can be left without a smile after viewing this ad, be it parents or be it daughters (sons are definitely not the target segment). 

Jewellery for ceremonies before wedding ceremonies !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Come Plan with Complan

Ad By: Leo Burnett

Plan height with Complan !
Almost each one of us has grown with Complan or Horlicks. May be not consuming it but knowing about it. Neither our parents told us nor it was informed in schools, but still we have this thought registered in our heads, that these health drinks are very important in a child's growth. Thanks to our best informer, television that has been showing since ages how a child grow (Growth in terms of height). In so many years, so many kids who endorsed the brand in their tiny times have taken Complan or Horlicks and with resulting increased height moved ahead into world leaving endorsement space for a new kid. The yellow mug holder, huge size t-shirt wearing "I am a Complan boy" kid after taking Complan for years is now a hunk Shahid Kapoor along with pony-tail "I am a Complan girl" who is today known as cute Ayesha Takia. Those were the time, when customer just knew these health drinks play important role in growth of kids and it has been such an obvious fact that many times we hear these names in bollywood movies also. Complan made its space in consumers mind earlier with its punch line "I am a Complan boy/girl" and now they are still remembered discussing that those kids were Shahid and Ayesha. 

Today when we see the ads of these health drinks, there are 3 things that remain same in any of the brands. First, how low height is humiliating. Second, Boys for endorsement (Not girls). Third, Scientific proofs and claims. Kids who are most glued to television see that how low height children are teased and how much important it is to have good height. It is kind of divide and rule wherein you are smartly trying to target the children (who play important role in purchase decision making) but more than that you are ruining their thinking. Then, why only boys are shown as competitive to have good height. In India, there is a major population who still consider boys to be superior to girls and thats why it becomes even more important for such strong media to bridge that gap. May be, these companies should survey that how height is equally important for boys and girls. Also, showing a nutritionist wearing a white lab coat and saying "It has been proved" does not add to any authentication for todays learned consumer. 

In this Complan ad, a young lady mother of a small boy comes walking with a tray in her hand and saree draped around her. She shares an year ago story when nearby kids used to tease her child for his low height. Though those kids themselves were of almost same height, just that camera alignment made them look longer. The mother says she was not going to give up and thus asked her kid to do everything possible. The kid looks so dull and sad as if his height has been the only important thing for everyone around. Whenever kid is upset, mother pacifies him with an expression that can demoralize anyone happy. Suddenly, comes a nutritionist like an angel to save the family from all their problems. The kid is going to get a drink which would increase his height at double rate. In that case, nutritionist should also mention the duration of consumption. With double growth, it is awkward to look longer than normal size in an age. Mother is a proud lady now with her head reaching sky because now her kid has got good height. Wow ! what sense of achievement. The kid is now on other side as now he teases another kid with his height. So what if he is standing on a bench/ table (not covered by camera) and then comparing his height with other kid. This teasing story goes on and on. 

Advertising is surely important to remain in minds of consumers but it is more important to take the challenge of changing times and not getting changed with times. If Complan would have simply stuck with its old punchline of "I am Complan boy/ girl", it would have shown that how times change but not the brand. It is important to adapt yourself in competitive world but that never asks you to leave your grounds. 

For kids, its the growth that matters not just the growth of height !

Saturday, April 10, 2010

S.P. Jain - Twin to win !

Ad By: ?

SPJain takes all pain !
From the days of taking SP Jain name casually assuming everyone knows about it to the days when every word is articulated to educate people how global we are, the journey for the brand "SPJain" is interesting for many known and unknown or rather for many said or unsaid reasons. The educated lot of India is certainly aware about SPJIMR, simply for the education standards it has maintained from ages. It was never so easy to get admission in post graduation program of SPJIMR and when one used to get in there, from the day 1 he has changed his life or rather from day 1 he has made his life big. The high standards have been so strong and firm that whatever comes from such brand would be seen with respect and appreciation. So it happened with the Global MBA program which started with Singapore, Dubai and now Sydney. There has never been any doubt about the concept as surely Management program expects the graduate to be up ready for international market and so this program gave quick (1 year) global experience. 

When MBA was a choice for few and not obvious for many, there was hardly any marketing seen around for these educational institutes. The maximum that they required space in a section of newspaper was to inform people about dates of admission. There was never a need to prove yourself though the count of leaders today and then is not much changed. In past also, there were introduction of new programs, but the applicants (read it consumers) carried the onus of finding about them. Institutes hardly had any need of reaching out. We blame it on time, on competition, on changed consumers view and it all directs that scarce is always better. Definitely, when scarcity (for anything) is just left in dictionaries, there is need to market yourself, there is need to take attention, there is need to make yourself needed. Today, the ads are not just for awareness but for recall. So when such legend institutes understand the need of going global and thus offering global programs for MBA and now BBA, they also clearly show how much understand the need of marketing it. 

For so many obvious reasons, we cannot argue about the need of marketing or need of these programs today. But certainly, taking all knowledge of marketing from one of such institutes, we definitely can argue about the way it is marketed. It is said that the campaign should be able to take Attention, creating Interest and then Desire of having the product/service thereby leading to Action. But does that hold true for any product/service. Looking at Twin city graduation program ad, certainly does all that as who would not get tempted with the good brand name who offers beautiful cities and the mentioned cuisines. We market to sell but we market the cities to sell education. The content of ad starts with negation- "program is not for everyone". There is a huge crowd in India who want good education from good institute but they have not aspired to be global citizens. For them, this is a huge discouragement when they don't feel welcomed. The 2nd para starts in a way that gives a feeling that they forgot that they were actually talking about academics and not some vacation package (Yes, academics are important). It is understandable that you need to highlight the global parameter of program but the things cited like culture and environment are obvious for anyone who reads such ads. The focus should be more on global education than on global culture, environment or cuisine. The ad ends with "no tall claim, simply a promise!", it is indeed dangerous to put anything like that on public forum. Anyone please share GMBA print ad for 2008 if available (pun intended !)

There is nothing wrong or unacceptable when its about reaching your customer but definitely you are reaching masses through this medium and a global perspective is expected in such case. 

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Pun to sell PUNTO

Ad By: Bates 141

Fiat Grande Punto in India is Left Out !
Italy's leading car maker Fiat Motors and India's most acknowledged car maker Tata Motors had a joint venture to come into Premium B segment hatchback car with new Fiat Grande Punto. It has indeed brought a change in hatchback cars in India with its design from world renowned Giorgetto Guigiaro giving consideration to having a crafted style for its aerodynamic and sporty presence. The car is launched in India with 3 engine options- 1.4 litre Fire Petrol, 1.3 Litre MultiJet diesel and also 1.2 litre petrol (so as to reap in the excise benefits). The 4 varying trims- Active, Dynamic, Emotion and fully loaded Emotion PK are priced in range of Rs. 5- 6.5 Lakhs. With such pricing and positioning, it competes with rival models from Hyundai and Maruti. Earlier, when Fiat has come up with anything, they have tried to mould themselves according to need of "Developing Countries". This time when they come with Grande Punto, they understand the way Indian automobile industry is emerging, and so are cautious for not repeating the mistakes thereby targeting specifically "Indian market".

When such an high understanding is reflected in entire marketing by taking care of Product, Price, Place then how can the other P of 4P's be ignored- Promotion. While they act so cautious in bringing their product to India, how can they show a product which is not for India. Fiat Grande Punto is shown thru a video on television wherein it is shown to excel and leave behind all other vehicles. But when they show this, they are showing a "LEFT HAND DRIVEN" vehicle. Targeting Indian market which is a right hand driving market and asking them to buy the vehicle by showing a left hand driven vehicle. Though you might be saving on your marketing expenses but you have dealt with a very high opportunity cost. If the ad reflects that you are not concerned about Indian regulations, then how can the product be trusted for its performance, how can it entice anyone when you are not sensitive to their thinking. The ad otherwise certainly show the claimed sporty character of vehicle but unfortunately no one in india would be able to flaunt that sporty character with the left hand drive (No Pun intended !)

Everything counts! Every P is important or else its just left as Pun! The consumer is very intelligent today and the target segment for this vehicle is certainly very learned and informed people. When they make a decision for high involvement product, they tend to notice every small and smallest thing related to it. Taking the communication casually is a big thing for the audience to notice which might forbid them to become consumers.

India is Right !

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Ad By: Not Sure (Share if known !)

Ad By: Rediffusion Y&R

Sharman Joshi ad- Airtel (In Air) & Nokia (No Notice)

Sharman Joshi, the youngest and the most confused idiot of 3 Idiots is now on spree to bring attention of everyone towards their mobiles. He is such an awesome actor that he can bring life to any product or any service. And thats what we are seeing these days. The product Nokia and the service Airtel both are the dominant players in their own fields within telecom industry.

Sharman Joshi was seen on television sending sms to flatter a girl and with his cute act, he took no time to become discussion topic everywhere. Everyone knows that Sharman is saying "Baat karne se hi baat banti hai". There are series of acts now, one better than the other but each one leaves with a grin that defines the cuteness of ad campaign. Like came the Zoozoos of Vodafone, now the Sharman Joshi ads of Airtel are on top of mind for everyone capturing a big share of heart and holding giant sized share of conversation and voice. They have indeed taken the attention with these ads, but Airtel has also changed their communication with them. Earlier, they said "Express Yourself" which carried a better emotional connect than todays "Baat karne se hi baat banti hai" which is more practical. It is a wise decision to take the most vibrant endorser in a dynamic style having a concept which connects with each that constitutes audience. Having made such wise decisions, there was not much of a need to change the tagline "Express Yourself". It somewhere weakens the brand image. It is acceptable that the new tagline is giving a theme and bringing a stronger bond but with such high standard of marketing, definitely there are ways to separate the theme statement and the tagline.

When Sharman Joshi is becoming news with 3 Idiots and is getting noticed in Airtel ads, Nokia also took him along to endorse their Nokia 5300 Xpressmusic mobile handsets. He is taken along with Adah Sharma, the beauty of 1920 movie wherein the cute couple is out in a store to shop for Adah. She is trying different attires in trial room while he waits outside for her to show different looks. Sharman flirts with another foreigner lady playing different songs on his mobile for this lady and for Adah. At the end, she is annoyed and he again plays another song from his mobile. The ad carries Sharman Joshi, a mobile handset, telecom feel, notorious character, and fun. It carries everything that exists in Airtel commercials. When Airtel has already got so much attention, then midst of this bringing another ad by different brand is like getting enrolled for risk. Nokia has certainly gone unnoticed for majority of audience. The audience has enjoyed the concept and presence of Sharman Joshi with his own peculiar acts but when the act ends they hardly notice what product/ brand it was talking about. It is definitely a very wrong use of your resources. Having Sharman Joshi and Adah Sharma, there are wonders that could have been done by telecom giant Nokia who is known for his expertise in being different. Besides this, the ad is been shot by same cinematographers as movies "Kites" and "Dostana", Mr. Anyanka Bose who generally shoots only film. Nokia is carrying the best with them but still they are left unnoticed. I am sure how many of us have counted this Nokia flirting commercial as one of the ads when counting all Airtel commercials.

Marketing is more about timing.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PEEK is in AIR thru CEL

Ad By: Dentsu

E-Marketing for E-Mailing !
No end to revolution in technology throwing variety of gadgets in market with spaces in pockets been taken by new devices. Devices that connect you to the world. Everyday we see new mobile handsets coming up which offer so many new tools that we might just not be aware of even after year of usage. When world is busy adapting itself to complexities of technology, there is someone in market who is trying to take us back to simplicity by sorting out different stuff in different devices. The new device "Peek" brought into market by Aircel comes with convenience of checking emails (only emails) of around 3 ids on a phone look alike device. So it tries to capture a vast market between between basic functional device and top end Blackberry market. One end thou cheap but doesn't give facility of e-mailing and the other end thou gives all facilities but is too much of price for masses. Peek tries to make these ends meet. 

Peek is advertised as e-mail handset. Gives a new email alert with a blue light on top and is advertised as thinnest email checking device ever. The device is priced at Rs. 2999 (near to very basic phones and too low as compared to high cost smartphones) but there is a cost of connection - post paid or prepaid which is around Rs. 897 more from the pocket. Keeping safety into consideration, security lock is provided and also all data is deleted if password is attempted to enter more than 10 times in a row. With all this into product and with all the concept in minds, there are certainly many who are convinced about the offer but criticism always take bigger seat than appreciation. So when there has been a dare to bring revolution of simplicity in complex world then there must be some complexity in way it is put across to audience who defines the market. Simplicity there might let it go simply ignored. 

Suddenly came into notice that the sites which are most frequently visited these days has got an ad from Aircel and this time not for saving tigers but telling to Peek. Social networking sites, technology updates, cricket news in times of IPL, all carry the ad for "Peek". "Internet marketing" is the used marketing tool. Target is people who are mostly on go and never want to miss their emails while they are not around their laptops/PCs and who cant afford or not interested in smartphones. When they are using internet they have already checked their emails and are browsing different sites. They might just not realize the need of email handset at that moment and would not understand the significance of product that time. When they are on "go" they might me missing their email and if told them at that time about Peek, then certainly it is impossible for them to underestimate the significance of product. Newspaper ads, magazines, ads in AC coaches of trains, Metros, Television, there are many traditional ways which are more than required to capture the audience. Though these include a high portion of cost but then indulging into non traditional ways to identify new ways of tapping on customers is all whats required to market yourself. 

Marketing is no use if market is not knowing about it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Met Row of Ads in Metro

Video is to give idea how it all works

Even Dead space speaks now !

The Metros are the much talked about topic in India and especially Delhi where every month some deadline is met to run new lines. It has been a significant source of pride for each one of us who dreams and see India progressing. The same progress has been taken many steps further. Earlier, the tunnels in which the metros were running were only dark spaces which were considerably a dead area for any action. But recently, the aggressive marketers have tapped into this dead area to advertise and to take attention of daily commuters. The concept has been into practice in UK and Europe but is brought to India recently where Kotak Life becomes first one to take on lease the stretch between Chandni Chowk and Kashmere Gate.

Termed as in-tunnel advertising, C2E Technology Labs brings the ad in dark tunnels of Delhi by collaborating with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and with support of Submedia which is a US based company that has patented the technology for this kind of communication. Earlier there was no technology for utilizing this area because of fear of fire and considering the safety norms. But with technology killing all challenges came up with “Reverse Film” application wherein the thought was to reverse the way audience watch a movie sitting still in the theatres and the film rolls. For in-tunnel advertising, it is the other way with audience rolling and the film is fixed. So the steel made display boxes with dimensions of 1.2m -1.4m in length and 25-40cm in thickness are installed on the tunnel walls which can house the images of ad. The images are placed frame to frame and are lit by the fluorescent tubes placed inside. The boxes are laser cut and keep into account the distance between the audience and image boxes , the speed of train when in front of particular box and therefore the boxes are calibrated for each transit system. Besides metros, elevators and escalators use the similar methods to capture audience attention on a go.

Kotal Life has a 15 sec spot just before it enters Kashmere Gate station when passengers are attentive looking out getting ready for the exit. In the darkness of tunnel, it is almost impossible to miss notice the sudden glow of images. For this 15 seconds ad, 180 panels are put over 200 metre of distance. With over four lakh commuters every day, it is certainly capturing masses and getting noticed where least expected definitely leads to increase brand awareness and brand recognition. Besides these, large portion of commuters are the one for whom this is a daily routine and hence looking at it everyday surely enhances the brand recall. The audience is not distracted with anything else and has no choice of changing the view so they are forced to look and know about the brand. Moreover, it is considerably a cheaper affair than broadcasting a movie ad over television where you are dependent on viewers interest to get noticed. Besides the brand itself, it also leads to a source of revenue for DMRC.

Credit it to technology, marketers, creativity, adaptability, versatility, but surely way to go in advertising.

No escape from advertisements!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paint is No Magic

Ad By: Ogilvy & Mather

Asian Paints make Magicians sweat !
When we think of paints, we think about the kind of paint, the texture, the shades, the looks, and also we think how long lasting it would be. There are few paints in the market who use bollywood actors for endorsement, others who use kids and few others who use the family. Who so ever endorses the paint but the common element in all of them is "Ghar". Though paint is a need of every infrastructure around us but still almost every paint company shows their paint as an important element of making "home only". In India, paint is not only the timely necessity but also about bringing new life and light. For same reasons, majority of Indian families get into painting their homes during festival season of Diwali. The new look of house is a family affair wherein everyone gets together to decide on paint type and on colors. But at the same time, Indian families are hardly into painting their homes themselves rather they hire external people for doing this job and generally these people themselves suggest the type of paint or paint brand. Amidst this, it is not so necessary to show the paint brand as a "home" building thing and to show that how affectionately families paint their houses "themselves".

May be to take the paint to next step and to show that it is much bigger than just building home, Asian Paints got into advertising their Apex Ultima paint by showing a huge castle. The ad begins with an introduction of a great magician who comes in front of audience with a claim that he would make castle disappear. He shouts "Aabra ka dabra" and the cloth is dropped on floor only to find that a structure of castle is still standing behind him. Everyone is perplexed and confused when he went to touch the wall and realized that its just the paint. Though the idea is indeed striking and different but when you have to verbally announce everything and tell that they are trying to show a particular thing then the whole creativity goes in vain. No idea is great if it has to be explained and is not self explanatory. If a gentleman needs to announce that the person is a famous magician, if a lady has to tell that he is gonna make castle disappear and if another lady needs to explain in the end that its just the paint then the idea is not executed. If the actions in itself would have explained what is happening in that huge set up then that would have really been a great idea with even better execution. The USP of paint is its long life and thats certainly conveyed in the ad but i am not sure if anyone observes the ad completely in first view. It is able to take attention only when it is seen more than once or twice. 

The ad is though conceptually very strong but is not convincing enough. Moreover when magician is shown worried that his magic trick has failed and later he wipes the sweat over his forehead, it gives a negative vibe. Also, the audience today is learned and educated, they know what magic is all about and understand the truth behind it so showing them a magician doing this trick, it is worth thinking that what worth it shows of the product. Asian Paints holds a benchmark when they came with ad having "Sunil Babu". That ad is still remembered for its simplicity and for a subtle humor it carried. They always had superb ideas and concepts but may be in rush of giving higher claims they are taking themselves for granted and missing on execution.

Magicians is surely not the target market segment. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is It Marketing? - IIM Jobs

Ad By: Compilation of Team (IIMJobs)

What to market on job portal?
Every job seeker and job doer is aware of IIM Jobs today. And possibly major traffic it draws is from post graduates. The job portal differentiates itself from other job portals because of the kind of jobs it shares. Its not just another pool of jobs from companies and consultants but rather a site where top headhunters post the job profiles and mostly for post graduates or experienced people. The layout of site is also very user friendly as it creates no chaos, is hassles free and gives you just what you want with jobs conveniently categorized. There is no need to define your own parameters for job search or to define which location is preferable. Its just the category and everything is in front of you to chose with complete details. The popularity of job is seen from the no. of hits it shows. What you need is simply present and you don't have to get irritated with useless things given.

With such great understanding of your audience why you need to put advertisement on the side columns which are most irrelevant to the audience. The audience is well learnt, well experienced and well informed. It needs to be understood that they are not teenagers who have just graduated and are not sure of their career path of about their choices in life. These people are really not seeking an MBA degree that they should be told about any institute which can make them "MBA". These people are on the website because they are seeking job and not because they should be told that they must take their career to "next level" by enrolling in some course. To some extent, it makes sense to share about the courses on such sites but then the job portal should maintain its USP by making sure what and which course is being highlighted. Probably sharing about short term or part time courses would be more insightful for the audience than to make them realize that you are in need of some change and not in need of addition. Adding to your profile is more convincing than changing your profile. 

Besides the logical aspect, there is an emotional aspect which should be kept into consideration while you are dealing with consumers who are either unemployed or wrongly employed. How exciting it would be for them to see that they have a site from where they can gift their loved ones. Gifting "Valentine Gift Hamper" in month of March showing a teddy that says "I Love You". Is it to add humor that your current job scene might take your loved one away so better gift them something and secure future? Definitely not. When audience is browsing for finding a job they are definitely in no mood of showing their love for anyone. Instead of buying that gift from that website they would pool that money with some consultant at that time. 

Definitely dont market emotions !

Monday, March 1, 2010

High RIN @ Low TIDE

Ad By: Scion Brand Incubation

Ad is to tell or sell?
On Friday (beginning of weekend), all eyes were widened to see ad from HUL for their brand Rin in which they do more than direct comparison with their competitor P&G brand Tide (Tide Natural rather). The ad not only speak the product attributes of Tide which they claim but also hit their marketing theme of "Chauk gaye?" by making the kid speak in end "Ye aunty kyu chauk gayi". When such comparison is being made, the ones who were ignorant about Tide features earlier, they also now know that Tide is about better whiteness, contains fragrance. In about 30 seconds of ad, 25 seconds are given to show "Tide Natural" and only last 5 seconds tell that ad is actually about "Rin". The rivalry between these two brands is on since long when HUL reduced its price by 10-15% percent when Tide was offering 20% extra washing powder. However, here HUL is clearly making comparison with Tide variant "Tide Natural" which is comparative to the Rin price. But this variant comparison is not so prominently noticed in the ad. 

When the market is so cluttered with brands and their promotions then it is unethical on a consumer part to give his verdict if some campaign is ethical or not. There are judicial bodies to frame the laws and to lay fundamentals which define the ethnicity. ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) has defined a code of conduct and if a brand is adhering to them then the onus is entirely on consumer to decide whats wrong and whats right. 
HUL has aptly put everything in place by adhering to the facts and also by mentioning "Schematic representation of superior whiteness is based on Whiteness Index of Rin Vs Tide Naturals as tested by Independent Lab" in the footer of the ad which proves they have their facts clear well in place. Also, the timing of the ad has been appropriately chosen on a Friday when weekend starts. Though they have not missed any legal obligation but they remain aware that P&G would surely take them to court. But before the court reacts and hearings start the ad is already spread across consumers by its repetitive forecast over the weekend. 

In past there has been many such instances of comparison- the famous Complan & Horlicks rivalry, global ad for comparison of Apple and PC using Microsoft. Certain indirect comparison we see today for Onida where they playing with words mention about Nokia "No Kia". When there is so much cut throat competition, there is nothing like ethical or unethical in marketing yourself. But the entire purpose of any campaign is to convince your consumer to buy your product. HUL certainly conveys to consumer here that their product is better than the competitor but also if leaves behind a very negative feeling for such old brand "Rin". They exist in the market from the times when there was hardly any competition so certainly they have better ways to communicate their worth than by themselves saying that they are trying to fight with new competition in market. The advertising is getting so creative now that the giant like HUL could have devised a more creative out of the box way to reach its consumers. Comparative marketing is rather turning into negative marketing. 

Sales report awaited !

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Juhi ka Raj in Rajma

(Video includes making of ad too)
Ad By: JWT

Its all in the Family !

Think of Kurkure and probably you wont think of its taste first but would visualize Juhi and a fun colorful dramatic scene. Fritolays says "Tedha hai par mera hai" whenever they share a story for Kurkure. Thats true for the product (Kurkure) which is twisted in shape but is owned and eaten with fun. Similarly, the target audience for Kurkure is entire Indian family. The family which has got all kinds of twists in its members and is constituted of all such "tedhe" members. But whatever be the type, the members still remain the members and thats what makes it "my family". So here again "Tedha hai par mera hai" holds true. This similarity in its product and its audience is possibly the USP for Fritolays which is presented in its communication. Juhi Chawla, a renowned female actor who is also a family women indeed acts as a best suited brand ambassador. 

Now kurkure comes with a new flavor of Rajma which is considered to be the best special food in North India and specifically in Punjabi families. So the obvious choice for presenting it becomes to show it in a Punjabi way. Punjab is known for its fun filled living style and is thus most closely related to bollywood. So all that mixed brings on our screens the new Kurkure Rajma ad. The ad is shot in location near to Gurgaon (NCR, India) where they have field as found in Punjab. It begins with a scene in house where few guests have come and the elder lady of house is doing everything possible to be the best host of world. She offers them Kurkure Rajma mentioning that special snack is for special guests at home. This is to show that like Rajma is generally a special food in front of guests likewise is Kurkure rajma. While showing this set up, special attention has been given to very minute details. Like the way elder lady (Juhi) sits with her feet over other knee, the way guest lady is indifferent and sceptical about what other lady is offering, the way the guest speaks to lady asking whats so special in the snack, everything has been given typical bindaas punjabi attitude. The fun of looking at Juhi in that get up reaches the peak when a call out for "Ma" is heard and she goes running in the field. The excitement of meeting son makes her run further ahead and she hugs scare-crow. Also while she is running, people following her carry an umbrella with "Ma" written over it. And the other side Raj acting like Raj from Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge movie wears jacket with "Raj" written on it. It is to make visible that "Raj" and "Ma" are coming together. They hug, they get togther, "Raj" and "Ma" join together to become "Rajma" popping the packet of Krukure Rajma. Its so dramactic and dumb that even knowing that how baseless and without meaning it is you don't miss to crack with laughter.

There are few brands who take the endeavor to show themselves as dumb, funny and dramatic. These brands possibly don't get into campaigning for selling their product but rather they just get into brand recall acts. Kurkure is definitely one such brand who doesn't compare itself with any other snack variant but just tell that its fun to enjoy the product with your family.

Drama ! Twists ! Kurkure ! Family !

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dirty Dancing / Eating

Ad By: Ogilvy & Mather

Temptation of silk !

Yet another effort from Cadbury to show that how "Meetha" plays a role in celebrating happiness. Through all its communications till now, Cadbury has tried to tell that the chocolate or their chocolate is part of celebrations in life. However they have somehow confined it into small boxes for special occassions like being happy on 1st day of month for getting salary, being happy after getting compliment from boss, being happy to give first dance performance on stage. The concept of celebrating happiness is similar to what Coke adheres itself to. But what coke says is much more pleasing that how happiness lies in every small moment of life unlike Cadbury for which happiness is about significant occassions.

The campaign is put across through two TVCs. One, where guy is happy after his boss has complimented him for the wonderful celebration. Indeed, there cannot be a happier moment than this. In the conference room, he takes out his silky chocolate and starts relishing it. He gets strains of his shirt, he gets call from his wife but he ignores it all and continues to relish it. The purpose is very obvious that they want to tell you would forget everything when havin this chocolate and would enjoy it like a baby messing up everything on and around you. If this is how they show it, how encouraging or tempting it would be for anyone to have it in their office where they know they would make mess having it. Second, where girls are heading towards the stage for giving their first bharatnatyam performance. They are so excited about it that they want to cherish the moment by relishing the chocolate. Mess again ! The chocolate is all over. First girl is waiting on stage waiting for other two to follow. How encouraging or tempting it would be to have the chocolate in such situation when you see that it might just spoil your much awaited moment.

Although the idea cadbury is trying to put across is understandable that their is cuteness in having the chocolate. But leaving aside the practical flaws mentioned above, the guy in boss's cabin and girl backstage doesn't look that cute either. It comes as if they are forcibly trying to look cute by just messing it up on their face, hands, clothes. All the more, what they show is not even true. The chocolate in actual is nowhere that silky to melt like what they show. Its like any other normal chocolate. May be if cadbury moves to a next step or leaves altogether their previous stand and shows how chocolate is delight in depression then may be they do something different with a real difference.

Mess of chocolate milk !

Friday, February 12, 2010

Back 4 ur Back

Ad By: DraftFCB Ulka

Jobs are back ! Show ur back to boss !

Who could miss the advertisement saying Jobs are back. The reason could be anything- victims of recession (Seriously !), the worst boss on earth, or just "Hari Sadu". The comeback of ad is huge than comeback of jobs. The first ad from came in 2006 when an employee assists his boss communicating his name by telling its full form. The ad was appropriately set across the very much reason for most of the people to leave their jobs. Majority of people want to quit their job because they find their boss to be  "Hitler" "Arrogant" "Rascal" "Idiot".

This time the ad comes back with same theme explaining how ruthless the boss is but more than that it brings along a celebration. The celebration of New year, to bid bye to recession and to celebrate that jobs are back. The ad was released first online and then was taken on television. This seems to be an interesting act as the audience and consumers for are precisely the online people so thats the most suitable medium to connect with them. Probably, earlier when Hari Sadu was launched, it was not noticed so much but when it comes back again, it makes further more hilarious and is further more noticed and further more talked. Whenever job portal is advertised, it is more of serious business and shows that how they help in our career path or to gain better salaries but unrealized fact is that an employee might just carry on with his job if he has a superb boss. There is hardly any employee who skips making fun of his boss. With example of Hari Sadu, might just be possible that now every boss is having varied full forms with their doors closed.

Its funny, its witty, its interesting, its registered, its definitely everything that "Hari Sadu" is not.

Jobs & Hari Sadu come back ! How unfortunate for Hari Sadu

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Uncomplicate for Complicated

Ad By: JWT

Uncomplicate still carries Complicate along !
Insurance was always a significant product. Adevrtising was always an important channel to sell it. Competition in Insurances is new. Creativity in advertising these insurances is further new. There are so many insurance companies coming up with their marketing campaigns today that even unreached customers know about the product now. All these products have been trying to communicate the importance of insurance for a life and after. But the joint venture of Apollo Hospitals Group and Munich health called Apollo Munich Health Insurance (previously Apollo DKV Insurance) moved a step ahead by not introducing the product rather introducing its features.

The ad created by JWT is definitely not new as its a complete replication of global ad of Absolut Vodka also called Absolut Anthem. The concept and execution is not new but the idea is certainly new which says "Lets Uncomplicate". Health insurance products carry emotional responsibility to connect with people who can be consumers but all these people are afraid of complicated methods, papers, jargons used in the conduct. Hence, understanding that every person today knows the importance of product, Apollo Munich tries to take their fear out and tell them not to be afraid of all these formailites. They welcome consumers saying they are here to uncomplicate all the complications. It is indeed interesting to see the visual where kids are running around word "Blah Blah" n taking out wool leaving behind "Lah Lah" which is pleasant.

But, to whom Apollo Munich is taregetting as its customer is slightly confusing. If we broadly segment the Indian population into 2 categories of urban and rural then there is a big difference which cannot be matched using one campaign. The urban is educated, learnt and is comfortable with complicated formalities. Rather it would not be an exaggeration to say that more complicated you present duch a product to urban segment more seducing it is for them. So telling them "Lets uncomplicate" is not much required. But if rural segment is our target then just using the tagline "Lets uncomplicate" doesnt sort things for them. The way ad is presented in english talking about taking jargons out of words, bitter out of medicine, fear out of face, touble out of treatment, the rural audience would hardly understand the objective.

The idea to uncomplicate is nice, concept is not fresh, audience is not certain but inspite of all this, the effort is seen in giving a new face to a product like Health Insurance.

Uncomplicate to Uncomplicate!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ageing is Living

Ad By: Ogilvy & Mather

Experience of Past & Dreams of Future !

SBI is possibly the oldest bank in India and when we think about times when concept of Bank was conceptualizing, State Bank of India stand among leaders. Today when there are many more banks than the number of zeros in ones account, SBI is still holding its position for its trust and long living relationship. It is one of those, who move ahead with time but stand strong with roots. With such brand image of a bank, offering a Life Insurance Plan is an endeavor that must come across as an emotional asset for a customer more than being a financial asset. This is precisely what the new ad is doing.

Every individual knows the value of Life Insurance in todays learned world but specifically in India, it becomes an emotional requirement than a practical decision. Definitely, such product is targetted for young people who are in run of starting and settling their lives. So, the ad aptly starts with a young couple driving in silence when they don't have words in between but still hold certain gestures that want to communicate something to each other. The lady turns on the music in try of changing the mood and probably to distract mind. Husband turns it off precisely to take the attention of his wife. On the way, certain things pass by. A nice car, an icecream kiosk, all on their journey on long road with rain acting as problem. But husband sings along and turns that problem into joy conveying to his wife that how all desires would be real tomorrow. The song says that when they would age, that time also they would love each other equally and husband adds on that the same fun, same luxury, same teasing would live life long. Its a beautiful gesture. Any viewer imagines himself there having similar life filled with joy. The purpose of ad is there on met as viewer has imagined himself there because it built into him the confidence. The confidence is building stone for turning that viewer into a customer.

The ad rightly targets at right audience, targetting even more rightly at sentimental value by showing dreams. The black and white picture acts even more enforcing which connects it with SBI all time documentary concept. Its a pleasing ad and thats all what matters in communication.

SBI is indeed experienced to know dreams of future.