Saturday, February 19, 2011

Negative connect for Netconnect

Ad By: Grey Worldwide (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Ads show what we idealize !
The purpose of any ad for any product or service is generally to have a brand connect. The connect to the brand happens only when the viewer is convinced that the brand is telling a story which he would want to have for himself. The audience want to take up only those things which make them or their lives perfect and an ideal one. From having the strongest teeth which Shahrukh tells to having engine oil which Sachin trusts, almost everything is framed around perfection. But with times changing and customer evolving, the perfect stories are getting too cluttered. When everyone tells about the same perfection, the customer is confused about the truth and is convinced about the lie. Audience might want to see what is perfect but would connect only to what is true. The truth is more of practical than correct, is more acceptable than acknowledged. Even if the truth shown is negative side of audience, it doesn't offend them rather it brings them in zone of comfort. 

Reliance Netconnect ad shows how each one of us behaves when our flights land. The wheels just need to touch the runway and we are in process of doing exactly opposite of what the announcement is asking us to follow. The seat belts are loosened, the mobiles are switched on, the luggage overhead might go away with the flight so we fetch it earliest possible. We all do this, some of us agree to it by ourselves, others are forced to do it because of others. Whatever the reasons be, this is a normal behavior of maximum number of consumers. The reason to this behavior is not the attitude of doing wrong things but it is about being impatient for things that are supposedly not making any difference to right. It is impatience which forces each passenger to be first one to get off board. It is impatience which irritates anyone if the speed of net is not fast enough and is making us wait. We are impatient if net is not fast and we would disconnect it numerous times to reconnect it without waiting. Thats what Reliance Netconnect shows that a lady on business tour as shown by her attire, is like one of us who is impatient and wants to stay ahead in life without waiting for minimal things. 

Audience definitely connects to it because it shows the real customer. It shows its fine to be wrong but also subtly puts it across that how the product of this brand could be part of your normal imperfect life. A brand claims of understanding the customer, showing what is part of their lives is much better understanding than telling or making them realize what should be part of their lives.

Ad connects better if it shows what we are than what we idealize !