Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lux Abhi Ash

Ad By: JWT

Couple Double Trouble !

Hindustan Unilever has been doing everything possible for their brand Lux. From varying endorsements of Shah Rukh n Aishwarya to varying product features, every trick has been picked but how much it has paid. How much it has helped to double the sales. This time, HUL has come with a new variant of Lux which consists of beauty oils for soft skin like never before (Sounds like a product every girl would fall for). For such a special product, the communication to audience be striking enough that they wouldnt have slightest doubt about buying it. JWT already had powerful name associated with Lux brand called Aishwarya Rai that is now Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. When the name has added value, JWT made best out of it by adding its value to Lux. Mr. Abhishek Bachchan got invitation to join her gorgeous wife for selling Lux.
If the ad is just heard and not seen, its amusing. Its interesting to sing along and it takes attention that even if you are engrossed somewhere you would definitely lift your eye lashes to look at the video of this audio. But when the screen shows beautiful Aishwarya in her bath tub using beauty oil Lux soap and then moving to her husband who is engrossed in his newspaper, its so predictable that she would take his attention with that frangrance. Pitching about beauty oil in soap and seducing husband with frangrance is bit contradictory. The USP of product is misplaced or just missing. And its amazing to see that Aishwarya is needing Lux to take Mr. Bachchans attention. She plays around, enjoys the feeling that she is beautiful with Lux but then how did Abhishek got onto the maid passing by ignoring her frangrance, softness and ignoring even the size.
The concept is very much mundane and very much predictable. Just taking big brand names doesnt give liberty to ignore the concept. Though the good music is able to take attention but the expectations fall under ground looking at the video in which Aishwaryas natural beauty is also missing along with Abhisheks attitude.
The couple is not able to double the sales or attention but troubles the mind with lousy concept.