Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Essence is Essential !

Ad By: Wieden + Kennedy

Beautiful things MAKE beautiful things indeed !

While the entire cosmetic brands industry is busy in convincing ladies (teens to thirties, beyond that no product can help you and thats why are not shown as target market anywhere) of all age that their product will change their lives leading them to fame, success, love and more, there is one brand that connects you with it instead of forcefully trying to connect itself to you. "Forest Essential" is the brand running their same ad from past 2 years but is still as fresh as their product or models. When a lady thinks of buying a cosmetic product, she certainly values it if its expensive but more importantly she is always concerned about the artificial products and chemicals that it carries. While the other cosmetic brands try to tell her that it will give results that the lady is looking for, Forest Essential is simply saying that you are wise enough to understand "Beautiful things MAKE beautiful Things" indeed. 

The visuals and background music of the advertisement are beyond discussion. No one can argue that it is so appealing that there are moments when a conversation is paused when these super beautiful things (read models) come walking/moving in the forest with a heart beating music, and mind you not uttering a word or giving a "i feel so beautiful" smile. What is more interesting and profound is the classy way they communicate 3 things through one message (tagline). Firstly, the beautiful ladies in beautiful ambience catch your attention, telling proudly that the brand stands for beautiful makers. A company/ brand is established by its makers and clearly we know we have beautiful makers here. Confidence in the brand established ! Secondly, the product is made of natural ayurvedic products, which is otherwise boring and is not easily or rather excitedly taken up by today's market who usually falls for vibrant and loud entities. They show oils, herbs and other natural ingredients from the forest coming together in such a beautiful way that the audience can feel the beauty of nature sitting in their television room. Confidence in the purity of product established ! Thirdly, whatever a brand communicates, at the end of it the purpose of its origin is to make the product user more beautiful (from whatever he/she is). The beautiful brand and the beautiful product before closing their story, tells you that we make beautiful thing "You". Confidence in yourself established ! What more a customer wants - Confidence in Brand, Product, and Yourself ! 

The most essential things are most beautifully covered by the brand. The essence of the brand is not to make you a achiever rather to tell you that if the basic ingredients and makers are beautiful then there is nothing else that matters. "Forest Essential" has definitely changed the way ayurvedic products are looked at, the way cosmetic brands are looked at, and the way advertisements are looked at- they don't need to change every season or year, they are sometimes eternal like your brand !

If its Beautiful, It is Essential Forever !