Sunday, February 28, 2010

Juhi ka Raj in Rajma

(Video includes making of ad too)
Ad By: JWT

Its all in the Family !

Think of Kurkure and probably you wont think of its taste first but would visualize Juhi and a fun colorful dramatic scene. Fritolays says "Tedha hai par mera hai" whenever they share a story for Kurkure. Thats true for the product (Kurkure) which is twisted in shape but is owned and eaten with fun. Similarly, the target audience for Kurkure is entire Indian family. The family which has got all kinds of twists in its members and is constituted of all such "tedhe" members. But whatever be the type, the members still remain the members and thats what makes it "my family". So here again "Tedha hai par mera hai" holds true. This similarity in its product and its audience is possibly the USP for Fritolays which is presented in its communication. Juhi Chawla, a renowned female actor who is also a family women indeed acts as a best suited brand ambassador. 

Now kurkure comes with a new flavor of Rajma which is considered to be the best special food in North India and specifically in Punjabi families. So the obvious choice for presenting it becomes to show it in a Punjabi way. Punjab is known for its fun filled living style and is thus most closely related to bollywood. So all that mixed brings on our screens the new Kurkure Rajma ad. The ad is shot in location near to Gurgaon (NCR, India) where they have field as found in Punjab. It begins with a scene in house where few guests have come and the elder lady of house is doing everything possible to be the best host of world. She offers them Kurkure Rajma mentioning that special snack is for special guests at home. This is to show that like Rajma is generally a special food in front of guests likewise is Kurkure rajma. While showing this set up, special attention has been given to very minute details. Like the way elder lady (Juhi) sits with her feet over other knee, the way guest lady is indifferent and sceptical about what other lady is offering, the way the guest speaks to lady asking whats so special in the snack, everything has been given typical bindaas punjabi attitude. The fun of looking at Juhi in that get up reaches the peak when a call out for "Ma" is heard and she goes running in the field. The excitement of meeting son makes her run further ahead and she hugs scare-crow. Also while she is running, people following her carry an umbrella with "Ma" written over it. And the other side Raj acting like Raj from Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge movie wears jacket with "Raj" written on it. It is to make visible that "Raj" and "Ma" are coming together. They hug, they get togther, "Raj" and "Ma" join together to become "Rajma" popping the packet of Krukure Rajma. Its so dramactic and dumb that even knowing that how baseless and without meaning it is you don't miss to crack with laughter.

There are few brands who take the endeavor to show themselves as dumb, funny and dramatic. These brands possibly don't get into campaigning for selling their product but rather they just get into brand recall acts. Kurkure is definitely one such brand who doesn't compare itself with any other snack variant but just tell that its fun to enjoy the product with your family.

Drama ! Twists ! Kurkure ! Family !

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dirty Dancing / Eating

Ad By: Ogilvy & Mather

Temptation of silk !

Yet another effort from Cadbury to show that how "Meetha" plays a role in celebrating happiness. Through all its communications till now, Cadbury has tried to tell that the chocolate or their chocolate is part of celebrations in life. However they have somehow confined it into small boxes for special occassions like being happy on 1st day of month for getting salary, being happy after getting compliment from boss, being happy to give first dance performance on stage. The concept of celebrating happiness is similar to what Coke adheres itself to. But what coke says is much more pleasing that how happiness lies in every small moment of life unlike Cadbury for which happiness is about significant occassions.

The campaign is put across through two TVCs. One, where guy is happy after his boss has complimented him for the wonderful celebration. Indeed, there cannot be a happier moment than this. In the conference room, he takes out his silky chocolate and starts relishing it. He gets strains of his shirt, he gets call from his wife but he ignores it all and continues to relish it. The purpose is very obvious that they want to tell you would forget everything when havin this chocolate and would enjoy it like a baby messing up everything on and around you. If this is how they show it, how encouraging or tempting it would be for anyone to have it in their office where they know they would make mess having it. Second, where girls are heading towards the stage for giving their first bharatnatyam performance. They are so excited about it that they want to cherish the moment by relishing the chocolate. Mess again ! The chocolate is all over. First girl is waiting on stage waiting for other two to follow. How encouraging or tempting it would be to have the chocolate in such situation when you see that it might just spoil your much awaited moment.

Although the idea cadbury is trying to put across is understandable that their is cuteness in having the chocolate. But leaving aside the practical flaws mentioned above, the guy in boss's cabin and girl backstage doesn't look that cute either. It comes as if they are forcibly trying to look cute by just messing it up on their face, hands, clothes. All the more, what they show is not even true. The chocolate in actual is nowhere that silky to melt like what they show. Its like any other normal chocolate. May be if cadbury moves to a next step or leaves altogether their previous stand and shows how chocolate is delight in depression then may be they do something different with a real difference.

Mess of chocolate milk !

Friday, February 12, 2010

Back 4 ur Back

Ad By: DraftFCB Ulka

Jobs are back ! Show ur back to boss !

Who could miss the advertisement saying Jobs are back. The reason could be anything- victims of recession (Seriously !), the worst boss on earth, or just "Hari Sadu". The comeback of ad is huge than comeback of jobs. The first ad from came in 2006 when an employee assists his boss communicating his name by telling its full form. The ad was appropriately set across the very much reason for most of the people to leave their jobs. Majority of people want to quit their job because they find their boss to be  "Hitler" "Arrogant" "Rascal" "Idiot".

This time the ad comes back with same theme explaining how ruthless the boss is but more than that it brings along a celebration. The celebration of New year, to bid bye to recession and to celebrate that jobs are back. The ad was released first online and then was taken on television. This seems to be an interesting act as the audience and consumers for are precisely the online people so thats the most suitable medium to connect with them. Probably, earlier when Hari Sadu was launched, it was not noticed so much but when it comes back again, it makes further more hilarious and is further more noticed and further more talked. Whenever job portal is advertised, it is more of serious business and shows that how they help in our career path or to gain better salaries but unrealized fact is that an employee might just carry on with his job if he has a superb boss. There is hardly any employee who skips making fun of his boss. With example of Hari Sadu, might just be possible that now every boss is having varied full forms with their doors closed.

Its funny, its witty, its interesting, its registered, its definitely everything that "Hari Sadu" is not.

Jobs & Hari Sadu come back ! How unfortunate for Hari Sadu