Friday, February 12, 2010

Back 4 ur Back

Ad By: DraftFCB Ulka

Jobs are back ! Show ur back to boss !

Who could miss the advertisement saying Jobs are back. The reason could be anything- victims of recession (Seriously !), the worst boss on earth, or just "Hari Sadu". The comeback of ad is huge than comeback of jobs. The first ad from came in 2006 when an employee assists his boss communicating his name by telling its full form. The ad was appropriately set across the very much reason for most of the people to leave their jobs. Majority of people want to quit their job because they find their boss to be  "Hitler" "Arrogant" "Rascal" "Idiot".

This time the ad comes back with same theme explaining how ruthless the boss is but more than that it brings along a celebration. The celebration of New year, to bid bye to recession and to celebrate that jobs are back. The ad was released first online and then was taken on television. This seems to be an interesting act as the audience and consumers for are precisely the online people so thats the most suitable medium to connect with them. Probably, earlier when Hari Sadu was launched, it was not noticed so much but when it comes back again, it makes further more hilarious and is further more noticed and further more talked. Whenever job portal is advertised, it is more of serious business and shows that how they help in our career path or to gain better salaries but unrealized fact is that an employee might just carry on with his job if he has a superb boss. There is hardly any employee who skips making fun of his boss. With example of Hari Sadu, might just be possible that now every boss is having varied full forms with their doors closed.

Its funny, its witty, its interesting, its registered, its definitely everything that "Hari Sadu" is not.

Jobs & Hari Sadu come back ! How unfortunate for Hari Sadu

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  1. Everyone has a Hari Sadoo in his/her life...if I am the one, I also have the one above me...he he he...but your blog was as holistic as it could have been...Seems, it's time for me to look out in the market who would be my next Hari Sadoo...he he he...