Sunday, February 28, 2010

Juhi ka Raj in Rajma

(Video includes making of ad too)
Ad By: JWT

Its all in the Family !

Think of Kurkure and probably you wont think of its taste first but would visualize Juhi and a fun colorful dramatic scene. Fritolays says "Tedha hai par mera hai" whenever they share a story for Kurkure. Thats true for the product (Kurkure) which is twisted in shape but is owned and eaten with fun. Similarly, the target audience for Kurkure is entire Indian family. The family which has got all kinds of twists in its members and is constituted of all such "tedhe" members. But whatever be the type, the members still remain the members and thats what makes it "my family". So here again "Tedha hai par mera hai" holds true. This similarity in its product and its audience is possibly the USP for Fritolays which is presented in its communication. Juhi Chawla, a renowned female actor who is also a family women indeed acts as a best suited brand ambassador. 

Now kurkure comes with a new flavor of Rajma which is considered to be the best special food in North India and specifically in Punjabi families. So the obvious choice for presenting it becomes to show it in a Punjabi way. Punjab is known for its fun filled living style and is thus most closely related to bollywood. So all that mixed brings on our screens the new Kurkure Rajma ad. The ad is shot in location near to Gurgaon (NCR, India) where they have field as found in Punjab. It begins with a scene in house where few guests have come and the elder lady of house is doing everything possible to be the best host of world. She offers them Kurkure Rajma mentioning that special snack is for special guests at home. This is to show that like Rajma is generally a special food in front of guests likewise is Kurkure rajma. While showing this set up, special attention has been given to very minute details. Like the way elder lady (Juhi) sits with her feet over other knee, the way guest lady is indifferent and sceptical about what other lady is offering, the way the guest speaks to lady asking whats so special in the snack, everything has been given typical bindaas punjabi attitude. The fun of looking at Juhi in that get up reaches the peak when a call out for "Ma" is heard and she goes running in the field. The excitement of meeting son makes her run further ahead and she hugs scare-crow. Also while she is running, people following her carry an umbrella with "Ma" written over it. And the other side Raj acting like Raj from Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge movie wears jacket with "Raj" written on it. It is to make visible that "Raj" and "Ma" are coming together. They hug, they get togther, "Raj" and "Ma" join together to become "Rajma" popping the packet of Krukure Rajma. Its so dramactic and dumb that even knowing that how baseless and without meaning it is you don't miss to crack with laughter.

There are few brands who take the endeavor to show themselves as dumb, funny and dramatic. These brands possibly don't get into campaigning for selling their product but rather they just get into brand recall acts. Kurkure is definitely one such brand who doesn't compare itself with any other snack variant but just tell that its fun to enjoy the product with your family.

Drama ! Twists ! Kurkure ! Family !

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