Monday, April 20, 2009

Revenge Sells

Ad By: Rediffusion Y&R

Papaji's Love or Hatred
Bollywood and Cricket are 2 loves of India. Aamir Khan to bollywood and IPL to Cricket has given altogther different dimension. These are 2 craze of India which are kind of religiously followed. And the current time is the appropriate for both the passions to stay on peak. Its the time of much awaited IPL. Almost all channels in front of Indian Audience are tuned to same beat, the beat to see who beats whom in IPL this time. The youngs are enthusiastic about the match and youth is the major mass of country. Moreover, in household, youth are the ones who control the remotes of television besides women. But when its about matches, even women give up.

So Tata Sky chose the very right theme at very right time. The nation is getting crazy to watch IPL and Tata Sky tells them that watching Cricket with Tata Sky is experience to love. They say the picture quality offered is commendable. So who would not get attracted towards it when its told that here is a mean to watch your favorite sport better. The ad is made interesting with never seen before look of Aamir. He is known for his experimentation and here also he hasn't missed the chance. He is old, he is wacky, he is practical, he is revengeful, he is simply interesting in the ad. It says that Tata Sky has left youth with no concern for elders. The old man is furious and doesn't like the way Tata Sky is given more importance by his kid than to him. Shows that even elders know and agree that Tata Sky is synonymous with good picture quality. Smartly, put across that all age groups know the quality of product. The ending leaves the audience smiling showing notorious Aamir. Kid respectfully says "Papaji" and shares his sorrow of Tata Sky been stolen. The old Papaji gets a sense of Achievement. Nothing missing. Point well put across.

Tata Sky can make further sequence of the ad where Papaji also misses Tata Sky and IPL.
After all, Papaji cannot compete Tata Sky.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I M patient BROAD band

Ad By: Rediffusion Y&R

Impatient to get more Impatient

The youth !!! The word in itself gives a sense of impatience. Generation is excited, learned, vibrant. Generation is impatient. It carries an attitude that they know it all and if they dont know it then they are eager to know it all. For them, it was once said which today holds true that "Time is Money". Guess, they are the ones who best understand the value in it. They cant leave their time on disposal of some technology which keeps them waiting.

The advertisement brings it on in a way as if they are blaming or abusing Youth for being Impatient. They can't wait for elevator to come, they can't wait for clock to hit correct time, they just can't wait. But for youth its what takes them ahead. Its their impatience which makes them move fast and reach their destiny before time. They agree that yes they are impatient and thats what brings shape to their life. Somehow negative always registers in mind and thats what Airtel is trying to do. Its kind of provoking but thats whats making it even more interesting. The fast ad runs around technology and takes a pause at "Impatience". The target segment well receives the message. There are around 11 Million internet connections in India of which 5 Million are in household. Also, almost half of 81 Million users of internet in India are below age of 25 Years. And thats THE YOUTH. Airtel has hit the major segment in a major way. They are fast seeking fast speed in every aspect to have a fast and new style of life. Airtel offers youth what they want and rather youth is encouraged to be what he actually is expected to be.

Impatience is surely making Life of Youth New !!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cannot for Can

By: Dharma Productions

Actors Act for Action

News surround the world and today there is hardly any news left which is either not about bollywood or not reacted over by bollywood. Good or Bad, Happy or Sad, Old or New, if its from Bollywood, its heard, its seen, its interesting !!! Bollywood knows its power today and what role they play in minds and hearts of India. They know if they say something to their audience, it would interest them, it would take their attention and thats what they have taken advantage of.

General Elections 2009 are near and country is bombarded with Political parties talks. Its said that too much of anything is bad and thats what happens when citizens hear so much from parties that they instead of making a decision or choice, they get ignorant towards it leading to few votes, fewer decision makers for country. Later not only these few decision makers but the whole country get united that time to crticize the chosen choice. Thats where unity is seen- country saying "kuch nahi ho sakta iss desh ka" (Nothing can be done). Thats true and thats what this ad reminds the country that Yes!! Nothing can be done for this country. Truth is a pinch. Ad says the truth. Ad is giving a pinch. People relate to it because somewhere sometime somehow they themselves have said this - Nothing can be done - CANNOT !!!Words are striking.

When striking words come from bollywood young actors then they are even more heard. Young generation is considered more mature today, more exposed to reality of world so when youth says something then the worth in itself is given. Karan Johar brings along Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Reteish Deshmukh, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Imraan Khan and Asin pointing fingers towards nation saying that what they say cannot be changed can only be changed by YOU. Young actors hit everyone that Cannot be changed into Can by themselves only.

Although the actors which talk in ad have no background which gives their audience the confidence that what they say must be true and sane but still its Young Bollywood. The speakers may not be so convincing but what they speak and how they speak through their fingers raised is definitely convincing. The message is well conveyed and understood to masses. An ending with few seniors backing their words would have convinced the unconvinced.

Fingers turn negative into positive!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dhoni Browse AIR wid CEL

Ad By: Dentsu
Journey from Region to Nation

Telecom industry is one industry which in a way does not need any target segment. It has left no age, no gender, no income group, no profession, no location untocuhed. It would not be an over statement saying that mobile connection spreads like water today. And for something like water, any source is taken. Likewise, consumers have so many options today for mobile connection that they are kings to choose any at anytime. In such tough competition, telecom players need to be very particular in what they offer and what they market.

Aircel, a leader from South forays into market of North and West region. While moving from one region to show their presence in whole Nation, that too in regions where players like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea already dominate, Aircel has taken a big challenge to make people talk their language. They have not let any channel untouched. From social networking sites like Facebook to TV commercials to Banners to all kind of Print Ads everywhere Dhoni is seen browsing on his cell. But what do they wish to communicate? Aircel is about networking, browsing or connectivity. The impression that is left after seeing Dhoni talk about Aircel is that Aircel keeps you going in any situation. Aircel aptly takes Dhoni for endorsing their brand because its time of IPL and who can be better to express success of moving from region to Nation. But as a consumer, when he takes a mobile connection, there has to be some connection that he needs to feel with the brand which would drive him to buy it. Aircel shows that when you are stuck in midst of some problem, then their connection offers you solution for everything by browsing through. But does that strike to masses. Do mass market of India connect to this concept of browsing. For major segment of India, mobile connection is about talking and connecting but Aircel does not talk about it. Although there is no corner where we don't see Dhoni with his Aircel but everywhere he is engrossed in browsing not talking or connecting.

There is a slight gap which Aircel needs to fill in with which they can reach masses. Aircel is known in South, why not use the success story for other region of India. Indian Consumer is happy to talk, why not show them that Aircel makes you talk, talk and talk with additional talk by connecting in many ways through browsing.
So share the region with nation !!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Save Save Save !!!

Ad by: JWT (James Walter Thompson)

Yet Another gyan or some real substance ???

Who doesn't know saving is all about gaining. But still how many of us follow what we are told or what we already know. Global Warming, Conserve Energy, Depleting Resources are words which are always around these days and expect us to react. All generations today are proactive and understand their responsibility but still all encouraging words from all sources don't last long. We understand ! We React ! We forget ! But the seriousness of issue doesn't deplete anyhow.

In midst of economic downturn, when everyone is trying to save on money, the video advertisement for Save Fuel in a very light mood and striking mode says that how easy it is to save upto 20 percent of money. The idea is not to save money but to save energy. The consumer behavior is changing in today's scenario of economic downturn and in any way he wish to save money. The ad introduces very right message at even more right time. Also, it is noticed that children play a very significant role in making decisions in families now. Parents themselves take pride in taking sane suggestions from their kids. The ad uses the right attribute of lesson from kids in a very healthy manner. Very minute details have been taken into consideration which are conveyed by showing intelligence of kid. In burning hot weather outside, the father sips coffee inside with air conditioning of his car. Without car glasses down, kid sees the movement of things and understands that engine of other vehicle outside is on. Depicts the sharp acumen of kid with which he expresses his future plan to father. Father gets speechless. The striking thing is when ad appeals to spare some energy for kids also to waste and not waste everything by themselves. The lasting impression freezez inside with a smile. The ad leaves an impression and certainly message is retained by audience.

However, just to remove that last bubble from the vaccum space, the ad can be reinforced through Radio Announcements. Standing in traffic of India, when viewer himself experiences the situation that moment reinforcement of same words through radio would turn all engines off and would keep the smile on. Also, it is known that restarting engine frequently wastes more fuel which could be technically correct but the viewer should understand that actual message is not the technical aspect but the emotional aspect. If it would have been technical it wouldn't have been everlasting.

So its just not Save Save Save !!! but Save Smile Save Smile Save Smile !!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sabke Naino mein Nano

Ad by: Rediffusion Y&R

Buzz or Fuss !!!

Who in the world doesn't know about Nano right now. The lower end families have already in their minds decided the color of their Nano to which they are switching after their long time maintained 2-wheelers. The middle end families look forward to have luxury life of having more than one car in the family. The high end families don't have to think much before buying a gift for their grown up children now. Thanks to TATA Nano !!!

Its already there !!! The Brand Awareness is Already there !!!

So does TATA really need to penetrate into market through these Print Ads or through TV Commercials. The brand is already registered into minds of the consumer, now the endeavor remains to convert that into brand usage. The Print Ad here encourages to buy Nano so that one can fit his family into a small car. So is the highlighted point about car is that its Spacious?? Nano is known for the 4-wheels that a lower end person gets at an affordable price. So why to confuse a consumer. He is happy to get the talked about vehicle of country. He is not concerned if that vehicle is advertised in newspaper/magazine/ TV. Nano is a pride for every person of the country because it is a reason for smile of so many families. The smile which they get from the comfort and the luxury of a 4-wheeler. So why not let consumer stay happy with that feeling without confusing him with other features of the product about which he is probably not even concerned.

The buzz that TATA wants to create for Nano already exists. The buzz was created long back when the concept was introduced. To reinforce the Brand image, TATA can try rolling out few cars on the road. Road Shows and Test Rides are ways through which vehicle can be seen on road. Today, there cannot be a bigger enthusiasm than seeing Nano run everywhere on Roads.

So why not spread the word that Buzz which was created is worth it !!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whats Written is Purchased

Whats WRITTEN is Read
Whats Read is Heard
Whats Heard is Thought
Whats Thought is Considered
Whats Considered is Chosen
Whats Chosen is PURCHASED

Thats the Power of Print Advertisement. If we can make a consumer read about us then we have won the half battle of taking his hand towards his wallet. The rest half is won by making him read what he wants to. If he reads what he desires then he is more than happy to empty his wallet and fil his pocket with our product. Thats the Power of Print Advertisement.