Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dhoni Browse AIR wid CEL

Ad By: Dentsu
Journey from Region to Nation

Telecom industry is one industry which in a way does not need any target segment. It has left no age, no gender, no income group, no profession, no location untocuhed. It would not be an over statement saying that mobile connection spreads like water today. And for something like water, any source is taken. Likewise, consumers have so many options today for mobile connection that they are kings to choose any at anytime. In such tough competition, telecom players need to be very particular in what they offer and what they market.

Aircel, a leader from South forays into market of North and West region. While moving from one region to show their presence in whole Nation, that too in regions where players like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea already dominate, Aircel has taken a big challenge to make people talk their language. They have not let any channel untouched. From social networking sites like Facebook to TV commercials to Banners to all kind of Print Ads everywhere Dhoni is seen browsing on his cell. But what do they wish to communicate? Aircel is about networking, browsing or connectivity. The impression that is left after seeing Dhoni talk about Aircel is that Aircel keeps you going in any situation. Aircel aptly takes Dhoni for endorsing their brand because its time of IPL and who can be better to express success of moving from region to Nation. But as a consumer, when he takes a mobile connection, there has to be some connection that he needs to feel with the brand which would drive him to buy it. Aircel shows that when you are stuck in midst of some problem, then their connection offers you solution for everything by browsing through. But does that strike to masses. Do mass market of India connect to this concept of browsing. For major segment of India, mobile connection is about talking and connecting but Aircel does not talk about it. Although there is no corner where we don't see Dhoni with his Aircel but everywhere he is engrossed in browsing not talking or connecting.

There is a slight gap which Aircel needs to fill in with which they can reach masses. Aircel is known in South, why not use the success story for other region of India. Indian Consumer is happy to talk, why not show them that Aircel makes you talk, talk and talk with additional talk by connecting in many ways through browsing.
So share the region with nation !!!


  1. hi,

    the funda is that now a days, things like network coverage, talk time, SMS etc etc are seen by every consumer as commodities with only minor differences between operators...thats the reason why Aircel talks about Value Added Services and IDEA about Social Issues to create differentiation...

  2. Hi,

    In telecom industry providing consistent network is the basic necessity and providing different value added service is like offerings...but to create differentiation Aircel need to focus on the consistency of service across all locations i.e. same level of service at all company owned or franchise retail outlet if they expand beyond south..also offering customer what they want in this wireless connected this Aircel could gain an edge over others...

  3. Its very relative, as in it depends on the type of circle you are trying to pitch yourself in. Since Aircel is knocking the doors where the house is already full and the players inside are already having a gala time, its a necessity for a entrant to show up in a unique attire to gather the attention. The package could be prudent but the kind of strategy followed is a little obsolete. I mean the popular celebrities these days are not able to sustain their own cups, and a giant like Aircel is holding the hand of Dhoni too too too tightly. The camp could have been more peppy and realistic whereby showing that its the service that we want to highlight and not the cricketer.

  4. let me throw some data points that might illustrate the broader strategy Aircel is targetting.

    Global voice revenues are down 3% YoY
    Global data revenues are up 20%YoY

    More and more and more people are accessing the web, email and rich content on their mobile devices.

    Email alone is a USD 3Bn business globally but it pales in comparison to Social Networking projections where 1 BILLION users are expected to access websites like FB, Twitter etc on their cellphones.

    Over 70% of young cellphone users are accessing more services on their cellphones than ever before.

    So while SMS and ringtones have been major revenue drivers for cellphone companies for a long time, the strategy to raise ARPUs cannot be those anymore.

    Going back to the statistic about young folks accessing rich content, India is a largely young population.

    India is also one of the largest cellphone markets in the world and the fastest growing!
    We add 10+million customers a month compared to around 700k in major european markets.

    Targetting the youth is going to give you the data based revenue which will drive up the ARPUs.
    Dhoni is a massive youth icon in India and therefore Aircel is all out to connect with the youth.

    Finally, today's youth (including us) is extremely impatient and they demand things "yesterday" which is the message they are trying to convey by showing dhoni doing everything right from the dressing room.

    finally coming to Manan's point about Aircel being a new entrant into the space, I fully agree but I'd also point out that while India is one of the largest market, only 400 million people have a phone. This leaves about 800million potential customers so most certainly, it is all to play for right now.

    On another note, did you guys know that India is the world's LARGEST premium cellphone market?

  5. I feel Aircel has already swept the market with its exception service and reach.It is offering its customers services which we would have never though of like the latest one in which we can acess Facebook through the pocket internet service.

    I think its a amazing effort as online today is the buzz word and with such applications one gets to stay in touch with all thier frnds.

    My mobile has actual become a knowldege center with answers to evrything.... hahaha ... thanks to Aircel Pocket Internet. Life Made Easy!