Thursday, January 12, 2012

King Don Ring Wrong !

Ad By: Credit to Shahrukh Khan
The ringtone plays at 3:35/5:45 in the clip
Don movie is almost synonymous to Shahrukh Khan!
Bollywood is altogether an industry where competition is about marketing the movie and the product/service brands. Shahrukh is one such leader of that industry who is known as the marketing guru and such a marketer who he is also a part of the management institute where lessons of marketing are taught. While the story for his way of marketing his movies is unending, the number of brands he endorse is also not an easy number to keep the count of. The movies he make and become part of are marketed so well that the movies are acknowledged with his name, like "Don" not really is a movie now but is another name for Shahrukh. Thats his impact on movies and the range of his brand endorsement goes from face creams, automobiles, electronic appliances, beverages to mobile phones. One amongst these brands is Nokia, who has Shahrukh as its brand ambassador from seemingly always. 

In the movie Don that has and is about Shahrukh, everything invariably gets connected to him. If there is something that is shown in the movie then that is the perception of the audience that they would believe this is done by Shahrukh. So, in such scenario when mobile phone is playing an important role by ringing at every such scene that looks like turning point of the movie, it is difficult to miss noticing the "Sony Ericsson" ring tone filling the sound space of movie hall. Shahrukh is the brand ambassador for Nokia and movie has ringtone of Sony ericsson at every instance. Though it completely sounds like Sony Ericsson ringtone but if it is not then also it is not difficult to get confused with them (Read this as disclaimer). If there is any particular significance of Sony ericsson in the movie then that is not conveyed. If there is no significance, then what was the necessity of putting any acknowledged ringtone like this which leaves no impact than diluting the image of the "Don !". Another if, if at all there was a dire need of putting some mobile handphone acknowledged ringtone then Shahrukh, the marketer should have ensured putting Nokia and nothing else. For someone who notices this, dilutes the image of Shahrukh, the Don and Nokia, but yes applauds for Sony ericsson for such dominance. 

A marketer lives by the examples. It is easy to ignore such kind of small things while offering something as huge as Don to the market but it is unmatched smartness if even such small things are taken into account. 
Shahrukh is supposedly synonymous to marketing !