Thursday, August 26, 2010

AB with ABC of KBC

Ad By: Leo Burnett

Amitabh Bachchan - preparing the nation's people to prepare themselves !
There would hardly be anyone who would not know about Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). And all those who know it also know it as a property of Amitabh Bachchan (AB). With such widespread audience already registered with the name, the relaunch does not really need much introduction. AB humming the tune of KBC is enough to declare that its coming back. Besides the most famous CID series, Sony screen is now taken by the commercials talking about KBC. From the announcement of its come back, to declare dates for registration and to gather eye balls, KBC has not missed anything in around 20 days. The launch came in a big and creative way by bringing the commercial during Indian Idol Finale which had the maximum audience glued to Sony at that time. From there starts a journey of promotions which is going to reach its destination on October 11 thats when the KBC goes on air. The marketing plan has been very creatively laid by placing the launch on birthday of Amitabh Bachchan so whatever the reasons be but TRP on October 11 for Sony is going to be record breaking. 

Following the announcement in Indian Idol Finale, there has been so many commercials talking about KBC that these promotions themselves are citing a story giving out new facts every day. Bringing life to the enthusiasm associated with KBC, the TV commercial leaves audience to discuss who is father of Akbar. A child asks his father this question and father laughs over it. Father doesn't leave it with a laugh but shares this as a joke with his friends and also with new people he meets. Father is shown amazed that how can his son ask him such silly questions and that such questions are not supposed to be considered relevant. A night before when father is on hot seat with AB, son again asks the same thing before sleeping but father didn't find any sense in it. As expected, on hot seat, the first question which is considered to be the simplest question asked by AB was same- Who was Akbar's father? AB with complete sarcasm points that this must be so simple that even son would be able to answer. Father's head goes down, he is embarrassed and son had no reaction or action to deliver. 

Certainly, the dual purpose of commercial is served. It definitely brings along the entire family to follow the series and also puts it across that the series is not going to be that easy now. The question is shown as a difficult one in entire commercial that the father thinks that such difficult answers he is not supposed to know and AB also ends it in his witty way by giving his sarcastic comment. KBC has been about knowledge, about entertainment and about watching it with complete family. The commercial certainly makes sure presence of all this in its communication. Also, it is a bigger win for a commercial if its audience gets discussing it off screen also. That happens in a big way with this commercial when people actually flaunt that they do know who is Akbar's father and say " Humayunnnn Obviously ! ".

ABC of KBC is properly communicated.