Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Please Help ! -5 Star

Ad By: Ogilvy & Mather

Chocolate is about sadness and happiness. 5 Star didn't miss either of them in their new ad campaign. 5 star is the second biggest brand in chocolates from Cadbury lagging behind just Dairy Milk. The brand has always been loved by all chocolate lovers because of its taste and is well recognised by its Golden pack since 1969. The marketers for 5 star never had to bother about the sales figure of the product as it is well accepted in the market and is considered as premium chocolate by middle class youth consumers for whom the price is slightly more when looked at the quantity offered. So, the communication made to the consumer of 5 Star is not to sell it but to maintain its brand image.
The ad very wells takes attention of the audience in this new ad. A young guy sits to relax in a park with his 5 Star chocolate. He seems to be all set to get lost in his own world. Somewhere it shows that how a person feels relaxed when he takes a chocolate. Thats what chocolates are known for. Giving a good feel when tired mentally/ emotionally or anyhow. Next it moves to a thief who is obesrving this guy and very well knows that once he takes 5 star he would be lost in other world and won't know when things with him would be moved off. He is shown as taking advantage of 5 Star consumer who loses his senses. But a subtle humour is added when other thief comes up pointing that a thief should not leave his moral values. He explains to his colleague that we should understand the condition of 5 star consumer and should not take advantage of a helpless person. It says- Be a responsible citizen and help 5 star consumer. Interesting ! Humorous ! And somewhere also leaves a tinch of social responsibility that help others. In a very distinctive manner, they have explained about high taste of 5 Star. This is to pitch in the positivity of product by a negative portray.

Seriousness of humour well showcased !!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Salary Dependent Chocolate

Ad By: Ogilvy & Mather

Is it about the happiness of getting pay or the pay itself?

Cadbury has always maintained in their communications to its customers that this chocolate is a company in every event of happiness. Sounds something like Coca Cola. But still the way two showcase the similar theme leaves a different image in minds of consumers. The new campaign from Cadbury also tries to speak on same lines which says that 1st day of month is Pay Day for working person in India and it is a day when every one is happy. So this day when everyone is happy, they celebrate it with Cadbury Chocolate. Till the point, the intention is to show that its the moment of happiness thats why cadbury is present there, the ad seems to be ok. But that sole intention doesnt come across ad so clearly.

The advertisement starts with a boring traditional office setup where a middle class man is working and his boss comes congratulating him for getting his pay on Day 1 of the month. The man is very happy and he is singing dancing with the earned cash in his hand. He keeps singing that he is happy but with that he also keeps flaunting the money he has just got. During that celebration only, he hands over a chocolate to his kid. Certainly it shows that Cadbury is present when he is happy but also it gives an impression that its his salary that he has just got with which now he is able to afford buying chocolate for the kid. If they wanted to show happiness and cadbury then they could have shown that as soon as he gets his salary he distributes cadbury to whole office as he is sharing his happiness. Just giving to the kid on Day 1 with salary hints more towards his affordability. Moving forward in the ad, it shows wife is waiting for husband to come back home in time so that they can go for movie. Again, how does it show that the family- husband and wife love having cadbury at this moment of happiness.

The execution of the ad is interesting and different giving it a look of 50s and similar kind of song in background. Also, it perfectly conveys that in India, for a middle class family, 1st day of the month when they get their salary is a very important moment of happiness. Thus, although the ad successfully conveys that Day 1 is moment of happiness for everyone but somewhere it also gives a feeling that its more about affordability. Besides that, it is correct to maintain a consistency in brand image by saying it is a company in moments of happiness but it is known that chocolates are best to move out from sadness. So may be Cadbury can show turning a sad moment into happy moment for someone. Also, this particular ad restricts the target segment for Cadbury chocolates. According to ad, it is for middle class working professional who gets their salary at regular intervals. Interesting ad but something missing is making it confusing.

Chocolate is for everytime & everyone.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Talk + Walk = What an IDEA SirJi !

Ad By: Lowe

An IDEA can indeed change your life. For Good or for Bad, depends on self.

There are so many cellular connections in market today that leave aside chosing one, people carry more than one connection in their more than one pockets now. Amidst so many new entrants coming with so many new offers and packages, there are few who have reached consumers mind and have now taken permanent residency there. IDEA is one amongst those few. Their customers know them and they know their customers even better. So now after such a long stay in market they dont have to tell their customers IDEA's competency in terms of cellular connections. Rather, if after such a long tenure in the industry they speak about their expertises in their services then they are themselves ruining their image by competing with new comers. So now they are at a position when they just have to remind the audience that "An Idea can change ur life". Thats exactly what they are doing in this ad- Walk when you Talk !

Amongst so many issues to worry, one hugely discussed is that technology has ruined health of human today. So many times, we hear elders saying that in their times, everything was self done and now this technology has made everyone its slave. The ad starts with same note of worry. But then an IDEA clicks to Doctor (Not just the Doctor but Abhishek Bachchan) that who says you need to stay still and talk. The company shows social responsibility by acting upon a social concern. Giving an idea which actually makes so much of sense that you can walk while you talk so that adds to some exercising. The ad is very thoughtful and besides putting the thought creatively, the concept covers everything starting from stating the problem, giving a solution and then showing the results. Moreover, IDEA stays with what they always say "Ek IDEA jo budalde aapki duniya".

When something is good for someone then there is definitely someone who think bad about it. When IDEA says walk when you talk, there are few who says that it can lead to accidents and thus a cellular company should act responsible by not giving such kind of messages. The stated concern is true as we have few examples also about same. 2 years back a film director of Bengali films got killed while shooting at a Railway station, because he was walking while talking animatedly on his mobile and unmindfully started walking between the tracks. He collided head on with an oncoming local train. But then, we should understand that in every aspect of life risk is inevitable. It is our thinking and understanding that how maturely we take suggestions. The idea is to walk and talk but not to walk with closed eyes. For that matter, so many people jog on roads with their ipods earphones plugged in. If accident is the concern then such products should be taken off from the market. Thus, the concern is worth giving a thought but the thought should be moulded with self maturity.

IDEA just gives idea, its on self how to change life with it !