Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Please Help ! -5 Star

Ad By: Ogilvy & Mather

Chocolate is about sadness and happiness. 5 Star didn't miss either of them in their new ad campaign. 5 star is the second biggest brand in chocolates from Cadbury lagging behind just Dairy Milk. The brand has always been loved by all chocolate lovers because of its taste and is well recognised by its Golden pack since 1969. The marketers for 5 star never had to bother about the sales figure of the product as it is well accepted in the market and is considered as premium chocolate by middle class youth consumers for whom the price is slightly more when looked at the quantity offered. So, the communication made to the consumer of 5 Star is not to sell it but to maintain its brand image.
The ad very wells takes attention of the audience in this new ad. A young guy sits to relax in a park with his 5 Star chocolate. He seems to be all set to get lost in his own world. Somewhere it shows that how a person feels relaxed when he takes a chocolate. Thats what chocolates are known for. Giving a good feel when tired mentally/ emotionally or anyhow. Next it moves to a thief who is obesrving this guy and very well knows that once he takes 5 star he would be lost in other world and won't know when things with him would be moved off. He is shown as taking advantage of 5 Star consumer who loses his senses. But a subtle humour is added when other thief comes up pointing that a thief should not leave his moral values. He explains to his colleague that we should understand the condition of 5 star consumer and should not take advantage of a helpless person. It says- Be a responsible citizen and help 5 star consumer. Interesting ! Humorous ! And somewhere also leaves a tinch of social responsibility that help others. In a very distinctive manner, they have explained about high taste of 5 Star. This is to pitch in the positivity of product by a negative portray.

Seriousness of humour well showcased !!!

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