Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dil Titli Ad Mystry

Ad By: JWT

Advertisement has got everything but the product !

It starts like a filmy story where little girl and little guy are friends and they exchange gifts in childhood. So little hero of this movie gifts her little love a butterfly neck piece (Titli comes to play its role). And a quick sudden twist in story- family of little guy shifts to some other place in their "DAV" registered car. In a second, guy is grown up, Saif and he is in search of his lost childhood friend with her childhood picture. So people with this kind of mind are buyers of Airtel Digital TV. The little girl with a hair band on her head is also grown up into Sarah now but she still follows same hair style and the girl of this time who changes her accessory more than her clothes is still wearing that butterfly neck piece (Dil is indeed titli). Saif is tired of roaming around streets and getting stuck in traffic where he exchange signs with few people on road (including Sarah wearing same butterfly). Finally with all hopes lost, he returns and switches on his Airtel Digital TV. He is amazed to see that the girl whom he met in traffic was the same childhood friend. Airtel Digital TV gave such a clear picture that he could clearly see the neckpiece on the girl. Interesting that such clear picture is given but it is more interesting that journalist shooting that scene focussed on exaclty what Saif wanted to see. Any decent television where the picture is so centered and focused would definitely give desired results. The differenticating point would have come across if the girl was in background and was in a mob where it was difficult to locate her but Airtel Digital TV made everything so crisp that even minute details are big. The ad has been tried to give an interesting turn like in typical hindi movies by introducing Kareena. When Saif reaches to meet Sarah, he come across Kareena and suddenly all his desire change and he goes for Kareena. Again ! Interesting people are shown as users of Airtel Digital TV. Only if product loyalty was also well considered. Saif and Kareena are the most talked about bollywood couple today and Airtel has made the best out of given opportunity by giving people a gossip they like.

The ad definitely has a interesting, romantic, humorous, delightful concept. But somewhere the purpose of advertsing has completely changed now. The ad is meant for a product but now advertising agencies focus more on the aspect that how can they make their ad more talked about. Same is followed here where the buzz is definitely created by Saif and Kareena. Even more buzz is created by the beautiful butterfly music (Dil Titli) which is sung by Atif Aslam. His music has highlighted the ad much more. There are many ads where product and ad show a mismatch but still they leave a positive impact. Here, product is very strong and the ad is even stronger but still it leaves a mixed impact. A stong concept, strong actors, strong product have even stronger responsibilty on them. They cannot afford to miss on minute details. But still, kudos to JWT and Airtel the way they have taken audience attention.

Buzz is all that matters!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dirty Champion !

Ad By: Lowe
Kids- champion for dirt ! Surf Excel- champion for removing that Dirt !

Unilever has always made a difference, atleast with Surf Excel. The previous ad when little boy fights with mud for his little sister left everyone with wide mouth open. That ad suddenly brought a element of liking for dirt. In India, kids playing is not confined to closed rooms or to sophisticated playing areas. Rather, these are the kids for whom every place and every thing is big sport! So they are the biggest logistics company that handles and transports dirt from world to home. The ladies of Indian homes specifically the mothers personally look after cleaning of clothes especially of their children. So when kids come back home after tiring fun carrying every possible strain on their clothes, the instant reaction of every mother is scolding them looking at difficult strains that she would have to get rid of. Thats a never ending process that once or many times happen in every Indian household. So what can be a better way for a detergent company to connect with the actors of this daily play, the mother and the kid. Surf Excel has rightly registered with audience "Daag Ache Hai !". The way they portray this message is amazingly beautiful and the cute act of kids never miss out bringing smiles on the viewers face.

Following the same concept of "Daag Ache Hai !", Unilever brings in the new ad where again kid make every generation look upto them saying that kids would always be cute champions! The ad starts with a notorious kid in school who is having best of his times in absence of his class teacher. He is having fun alone doing mischevious acts and making wierd noises but midst of all this he still enquires about his teacher that where is she missing. Thats the element in kids that they don't show emotions but definitely take them along inside. He discovers that dog of class teacher (Rosy Miss) has died. School timings get over and he reaches Rosy Miss home doing all notorious kid acts on his way. Looking at Rosy Miss, he felt that she is badly missing her dog and so he gears up to cheer her up. He barks, he runs, he lies down, he sits, he plays, he throws ball like the dog. Without thinking of hurting himself or getting his clothes dirty, he is having such joy in acting like Rosy Miss dog just to make her smile for once. That is what shows the innocence of kids and the emotional attachment they possess.

The ad certainly makes the audience smile and again the brand is registered in minds of viewers along with the punchline "Daag Ache Hai !". Surf Excel has been a brand of excellence and it has never lived short as far its product characteristics are concerned. The brand awareness is maintained at its peak by maintaining this consistent brand image. Today, whenever anyone sees Surf Excel, they cannot miss recalling "Daag Ache Hai !" for once.

Surf Excel is indeed champions by communicating through all time champions- kids.