Friday, April 17, 2009

Cannot for Can

By: Dharma Productions

Actors Act for Action

News surround the world and today there is hardly any news left which is either not about bollywood or not reacted over by bollywood. Good or Bad, Happy or Sad, Old or New, if its from Bollywood, its heard, its seen, its interesting !!! Bollywood knows its power today and what role they play in minds and hearts of India. They know if they say something to their audience, it would interest them, it would take their attention and thats what they have taken advantage of.

General Elections 2009 are near and country is bombarded with Political parties talks. Its said that too much of anything is bad and thats what happens when citizens hear so much from parties that they instead of making a decision or choice, they get ignorant towards it leading to few votes, fewer decision makers for country. Later not only these few decision makers but the whole country get united that time to crticize the chosen choice. Thats where unity is seen- country saying "kuch nahi ho sakta iss desh ka" (Nothing can be done). Thats true and thats what this ad reminds the country that Yes!! Nothing can be done for this country. Truth is a pinch. Ad says the truth. Ad is giving a pinch. People relate to it because somewhere sometime somehow they themselves have said this - Nothing can be done - CANNOT !!!Words are striking.

When striking words come from bollywood young actors then they are even more heard. Young generation is considered more mature today, more exposed to reality of world so when youth says something then the worth in itself is given. Karan Johar brings along Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Reteish Deshmukh, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Imraan Khan and Asin pointing fingers towards nation saying that what they say cannot be changed can only be changed by YOU. Young actors hit everyone that Cannot be changed into Can by themselves only.

Although the actors which talk in ad have no background which gives their audience the confidence that what they say must be true and sane but still its Young Bollywood. The speakers may not be so convincing but what they speak and how they speak through their fingers raised is definitely convincing. The message is well conveyed and understood to masses. An ending with few seniors backing their words would have convinced the unconvinced.

Fingers turn negative into positive!!!

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  1. When you say actors have no background which gives the audience confidence that they know what they are talking about, it makes me think you have been out of htis country for too long.

    They are not talking rocket science, they are talking everyday issues that are in the papers.

    As citizens, we have become insensitive to human suffering, maybe because it is so prevalent and widespread everywhere that it doesn't even register with us anymore.

    Its sad, and despite this ad, I can promise you that nothing can be done.

    Not because we as the youth dont want to, but because the problem is too widespread.

    Consider, that you goto the polling station to cast your vote, if you have 10 choices and all ten are corrupt, you cannot vote "none"

    I mean, you can, but it has no relevance. This whole hoax of rule 49 which ensures that if a large part vote "none" then the candidates are invalid is false.

    If 60% of the people vote "none" the candidate is simply decided from the remaining 40%

    We are not in a democracy today. A democracy would be where WE can control who even STANDS in the elections and not simply choose from amongst the crooks chosen by party members who give tickets to the highest bidders.

    So while dharma made some nice revenue from TOI Lead India, India is still in the same shit.

    Call my cynical, but we can revisit this once the elections are over.