Sunday, April 19, 2009

I M patient BROAD band

Ad By: Rediffusion Y&R

Impatient to get more Impatient

The youth !!! The word in itself gives a sense of impatience. Generation is excited, learned, vibrant. Generation is impatient. It carries an attitude that they know it all and if they dont know it then they are eager to know it all. For them, it was once said which today holds true that "Time is Money". Guess, they are the ones who best understand the value in it. They cant leave their time on disposal of some technology which keeps them waiting.

The advertisement brings it on in a way as if they are blaming or abusing Youth for being Impatient. They can't wait for elevator to come, they can't wait for clock to hit correct time, they just can't wait. But for youth its what takes them ahead. Its their impatience which makes them move fast and reach their destiny before time. They agree that yes they are impatient and thats what brings shape to their life. Somehow negative always registers in mind and thats what Airtel is trying to do. Its kind of provoking but thats whats making it even more interesting. The fast ad runs around technology and takes a pause at "Impatience". The target segment well receives the message. There are around 11 Million internet connections in India of which 5 Million are in household. Also, almost half of 81 Million users of internet in India are below age of 25 Years. And thats THE YOUTH. Airtel has hit the major segment in a major way. They are fast seeking fast speed in every aspect to have a fast and new style of life. Airtel offers youth what they want and rather youth is encouraged to be what he actually is expected to be.

Impatience is surely making Life of Youth New !!!

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  1. So I have an observation on this:
    the impatience ad from airtel is specifically about their new 16Mbps plan.

    If you look at the pricing, the plan has 2 options - 3,000 a month and 5,000 a month.

    The youth they are trying to target cannot afford such connections so... So while I think they have connected too great concepts, I dont know what kind of revenue it would translate into..