Monday, April 20, 2009

Revenge Sells

Ad By: Rediffusion Y&R

Papaji's Love or Hatred
Bollywood and Cricket are 2 loves of India. Aamir Khan to bollywood and IPL to Cricket has given altogther different dimension. These are 2 craze of India which are kind of religiously followed. And the current time is the appropriate for both the passions to stay on peak. Its the time of much awaited IPL. Almost all channels in front of Indian Audience are tuned to same beat, the beat to see who beats whom in IPL this time. The youngs are enthusiastic about the match and youth is the major mass of country. Moreover, in household, youth are the ones who control the remotes of television besides women. But when its about matches, even women give up.

So Tata Sky chose the very right theme at very right time. The nation is getting crazy to watch IPL and Tata Sky tells them that watching Cricket with Tata Sky is experience to love. They say the picture quality offered is commendable. So who would not get attracted towards it when its told that here is a mean to watch your favorite sport better. The ad is made interesting with never seen before look of Aamir. He is known for his experimentation and here also he hasn't missed the chance. He is old, he is wacky, he is practical, he is revengeful, he is simply interesting in the ad. It says that Tata Sky has left youth with no concern for elders. The old man is furious and doesn't like the way Tata Sky is given more importance by his kid than to him. Shows that even elders know and agree that Tata Sky is synonymous with good picture quality. Smartly, put across that all age groups know the quality of product. The ending leaves the audience smiling showing notorious Aamir. Kid respectfully says "Papaji" and shares his sorrow of Tata Sky been stolen. The old Papaji gets a sense of Achievement. Nothing missing. Point well put across.

Tata Sky can make further sequence of the ad where Papaji also misses Tata Sky and IPL.
After all, Papaji cannot compete Tata Sky.

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