Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Save Save Save !!!

Ad by: JWT (James Walter Thompson)

Yet Another gyan or some real substance ???

Who doesn't know saving is all about gaining. But still how many of us follow what we are told or what we already know. Global Warming, Conserve Energy, Depleting Resources are words which are always around these days and expect us to react. All generations today are proactive and understand their responsibility but still all encouraging words from all sources don't last long. We understand ! We React ! We forget ! But the seriousness of issue doesn't deplete anyhow.

In midst of economic downturn, when everyone is trying to save on money, the video advertisement for Save Fuel in a very light mood and striking mode says that how easy it is to save upto 20 percent of money. The idea is not to save money but to save energy. The consumer behavior is changing in today's scenario of economic downturn and in any way he wish to save money. The ad introduces very right message at even more right time. Also, it is noticed that children play a very significant role in making decisions in families now. Parents themselves take pride in taking sane suggestions from their kids. The ad uses the right attribute of lesson from kids in a very healthy manner. Very minute details have been taken into consideration which are conveyed by showing intelligence of kid. In burning hot weather outside, the father sips coffee inside with air conditioning of his car. Without car glasses down, kid sees the movement of things and understands that engine of other vehicle outside is on. Depicts the sharp acumen of kid with which he expresses his future plan to father. Father gets speechless. The striking thing is when ad appeals to spare some energy for kids also to waste and not waste everything by themselves. The lasting impression freezez inside with a smile. The ad leaves an impression and certainly message is retained by audience.

However, just to remove that last bubble from the vaccum space, the ad can be reinforced through Radio Announcements. Standing in traffic of India, when viewer himself experiences the situation that moment reinforcement of same words through radio would turn all engines off and would keep the smile on. Also, it is known that restarting engine frequently wastes more fuel which could be technically correct but the viewer should understand that actual message is not the technical aspect but the emotional aspect. If it would have been technical it wouldn't have been everlasting.

So its just not Save Save Save !!! but Save Smile Save Smile Save Smile !!!


  1. Going by your posts, it seems you have turned into a marketing guru! Nice ideas, good job!

  2. great idea about the radio but its already on it :)

    Maybe you missed hearing it when you were here.