Saturday, January 30, 2010

Uncomplicate for Complicated

Ad By: JWT

Uncomplicate still carries Complicate along !
Insurance was always a significant product. Adevrtising was always an important channel to sell it. Competition in Insurances is new. Creativity in advertising these insurances is further new. There are so many insurance companies coming up with their marketing campaigns today that even unreached customers know about the product now. All these products have been trying to communicate the importance of insurance for a life and after. But the joint venture of Apollo Hospitals Group and Munich health called Apollo Munich Health Insurance (previously Apollo DKV Insurance) moved a step ahead by not introducing the product rather introducing its features.

The ad created by JWT is definitely not new as its a complete replication of global ad of Absolut Vodka also called Absolut Anthem. The concept and execution is not new but the idea is certainly new which says "Lets Uncomplicate". Health insurance products carry emotional responsibility to connect with people who can be consumers but all these people are afraid of complicated methods, papers, jargons used in the conduct. Hence, understanding that every person today knows the importance of product, Apollo Munich tries to take their fear out and tell them not to be afraid of all these formailites. They welcome consumers saying they are here to uncomplicate all the complications. It is indeed interesting to see the visual where kids are running around word "Blah Blah" n taking out wool leaving behind "Lah Lah" which is pleasant.

But, to whom Apollo Munich is taregetting as its customer is slightly confusing. If we broadly segment the Indian population into 2 categories of urban and rural then there is a big difference which cannot be matched using one campaign. The urban is educated, learnt and is comfortable with complicated formalities. Rather it would not be an exaggeration to say that more complicated you present duch a product to urban segment more seducing it is for them. So telling them "Lets uncomplicate" is not much required. But if rural segment is our target then just using the tagline "Lets uncomplicate" doesnt sort things for them. The way ad is presented in english talking about taking jargons out of words, bitter out of medicine, fear out of face, touble out of treatment, the rural audience would hardly understand the objective.

The idea to uncomplicate is nice, concept is not fresh, audience is not certain but inspite of all this, the effort is seen in giving a new face to a product like Health Insurance.

Uncomplicate to Uncomplicate!

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