Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ageing is Living

Ad By: Ogilvy & Mather

Experience of Past & Dreams of Future !

SBI is possibly the oldest bank in India and when we think about times when concept of Bank was conceptualizing, State Bank of India stand among leaders. Today when there are many more banks than the number of zeros in ones account, SBI is still holding its position for its trust and long living relationship. It is one of those, who move ahead with time but stand strong with roots. With such brand image of a bank, offering a Life Insurance Plan is an endeavor that must come across as an emotional asset for a customer more than being a financial asset. This is precisely what the new ad is doing.

Every individual knows the value of Life Insurance in todays learned world but specifically in India, it becomes an emotional requirement than a practical decision. Definitely, such product is targetted for young people who are in run of starting and settling their lives. So, the ad aptly starts with a young couple driving in silence when they don't have words in between but still hold certain gestures that want to communicate something to each other. The lady turns on the music in try of changing the mood and probably to distract mind. Husband turns it off precisely to take the attention of his wife. On the way, certain things pass by. A nice car, an icecream kiosk, all on their journey on long road with rain acting as problem. But husband sings along and turns that problem into joy conveying to his wife that how all desires would be real tomorrow. The song says that when they would age, that time also they would love each other equally and husband adds on that the same fun, same luxury, same teasing would live life long. Its a beautiful gesture. Any viewer imagines himself there having similar life filled with joy. The purpose of ad is there on met as viewer has imagined himself there because it built into him the confidence. The confidence is building stone for turning that viewer into a customer.

The ad rightly targets at right audience, targetting even more rightly at sentimental value by showing dreams. The black and white picture acts even more enforcing which connects it with SBI all time documentary concept. Its a pleasing ad and thats all what matters in communication.

SBI is indeed experienced to know dreams of future.

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