Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Smart 4 Smart

Ad By: Thoughtshop

Smartest acts Smarter to sell Smart Chips !

The world is getting conscious about healthier food, companies are getting conscious about their product offerings in multiplying competition, advertising agencies are getting conscious about their ideas with oceans turning blue (or call it blue ocean strategy simply) with more creative minds shaping their views now. Probably all this consciousness led to Smart Chips endorsed by Aamir Khan.

Parle has been in market of snacks since ages and practically all Indians know the brand for its "Feel good" snacks. There is no doubt about the brand recall when we talk about Parle. But equally undenied fact is that brand recalls the brand image of being a "feel good" snack. Today, every consumer is wanting a snack which is feel good as well as "do good". That do good factor is obtained from healthy diet food with which Parle had never been associated in past. So when they try to meet this customer need of "do and feel good" snack they need to make sure that they convey this in their communications to consumer. Taking Aamir for endorsement of such product is definitely a well thought idea. He is an icon who is called perfectionist, who is known for his smartness in whatever he indulges himself into so definitely he is right choice to talk about "Smart" product. However, right resources can do no good unless right concept binds it together. Aamir is a thinker and not an action man who would be expected to jump off the buildings, run over streets, dive into cars. He rather looks funny and bit awkward in noticing people and handing over them hugely sized T-shirts saying "You will need it".

The product and advertisement would have been more convincing if it informed people that "Smart Chips" are not only healthy but also tasty. It would have been more pleasing to see if Aamir's jumps weren't there. It would have hit more masses if along with hugely sized Ts, few smaller sized Ts were given to obese people along with Smart Chips. After all cannot ignore the fact that we might offend some part of that mass with T-shirts of that size.

Just the name is not enough to be called "Smart"!

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