Saturday, April 10, 2010

S.P. Jain - Twin to win !

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SPJain takes all pain !
From the days of taking SP Jain name casually assuming everyone knows about it to the days when every word is articulated to educate people how global we are, the journey for the brand "SPJain" is interesting for many known and unknown or rather for many said or unsaid reasons. The educated lot of India is certainly aware about SPJIMR, simply for the education standards it has maintained from ages. It was never so easy to get admission in post graduation program of SPJIMR and when one used to get in there, from the day 1 he has changed his life or rather from day 1 he has made his life big. The high standards have been so strong and firm that whatever comes from such brand would be seen with respect and appreciation. So it happened with the Global MBA program which started with Singapore, Dubai and now Sydney. There has never been any doubt about the concept as surely Management program expects the graduate to be up ready for international market and so this program gave quick (1 year) global experience. 

When MBA was a choice for few and not obvious for many, there was hardly any marketing seen around for these educational institutes. The maximum that they required space in a section of newspaper was to inform people about dates of admission. There was never a need to prove yourself though the count of leaders today and then is not much changed. In past also, there were introduction of new programs, but the applicants (read it consumers) carried the onus of finding about them. Institutes hardly had any need of reaching out. We blame it on time, on competition, on changed consumers view and it all directs that scarce is always better. Definitely, when scarcity (for anything) is just left in dictionaries, there is need to market yourself, there is need to take attention, there is need to make yourself needed. Today, the ads are not just for awareness but for recall. So when such legend institutes understand the need of going global and thus offering global programs for MBA and now BBA, they also clearly show how much understand the need of marketing it. 

For so many obvious reasons, we cannot argue about the need of marketing or need of these programs today. But certainly, taking all knowledge of marketing from one of such institutes, we definitely can argue about the way it is marketed. It is said that the campaign should be able to take Attention, creating Interest and then Desire of having the product/service thereby leading to Action. But does that hold true for any product/service. Looking at Twin city graduation program ad, certainly does all that as who would not get tempted with the good brand name who offers beautiful cities and the mentioned cuisines. We market to sell but we market the cities to sell education. The content of ad starts with negation- "program is not for everyone". There is a huge crowd in India who want good education from good institute but they have not aspired to be global citizens. For them, this is a huge discouragement when they don't feel welcomed. The 2nd para starts in a way that gives a feeling that they forgot that they were actually talking about academics and not some vacation package (Yes, academics are important). It is understandable that you need to highlight the global parameter of program but the things cited like culture and environment are obvious for anyone who reads such ads. The focus should be more on global education than on global culture, environment or cuisine. The ad ends with "no tall claim, simply a promise!", it is indeed dangerous to put anything like that on public forum. Anyone please share GMBA print ad for 2008 if available (pun intended !)

There is nothing wrong or unacceptable when its about reaching your customer but definitely you are reaching masses through this medium and a global perspective is expected in such case. 


  1. I totally agree with your point. The USP of the college is academics in a global environment and not the other way round.

  2. Well it is never easy to market is it? Who is your audience ? Is it that Indian who is still struggling to get in terms with the global village ? If he is the one then too bad, I dont think the college is for him..!!!

    What do you mean by global education?? What makes you think global culture, environment and cuisine are second to global education? For all you know they all form a part of the education..!!! I guess global education a term in itself is flawed.

    But really, for better or worse, the world we live in has often overlooked substance in more than one instances. What is clear is that the ad didnt tickle your taste buds. Here is a clue, you are already a Global MBA...I wonder you would have thought the same two years back..!!! The sunny beaches of Dubai and exotic Sinagpore sure excites me :)

  3. your quality of posts r improving....ATB