Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tanishq - An ishq for jewellery or wedding

Ad By: Lowe

Jewellery for wedding ceremonies !
It is a kind of trend of "our" generation that parents push children to marry and children deny it. Be it guys or girls, the youth is independent and unlike earlier days does not count marriage as priority in life. For them being settled in life is more about being settled with a steady and crazily paying job. Parents also are now very much understanding in terms of taking the point of young generation and giving them liberty to decide the path of their life. But still they are parents who know their responsibilities and thus know that they can't force children to get married but can surely try convincing them. So, it is a sweet battle between independent children and understanding experienced parents. 

The new tanishq jewellery ad shows a same kind of set up wherein there is a young daughter who is independent and carries an attitude towards life along with her sensibility towards parents. She is shown driving car with her parents and dressed in a very subtle way like a modern day learned girl. Also, she is shown to dressed in a saree and to speak politely with her parents which shows how much she knows her core traditional values. All in all, the character is shown like the best balance possible for todays young girl. Father, in the front seat is shown worried and is throwing all possible facts about a guy with which he thinks the daughter might get fascinated and agrees for marriage. The character of father is rightly shown to be a logical head of the family who wants to put everything in place in the family. Mother, who looks super confident knowing that whatever father is trying to do is useless and just sits silently in back seat observing his trials. She spots a tanishq showroom and leaves the car saying with complete sarcasm that father and daughter can continue with whatever they were trying to do. Mother takes attention of daughter with beautiful jewellery. Daughter casually picks a jewel and starts to try them. Tanishq staff eventually dresses her into a bride and asks her when is the wedding. Mother's sarcasm again gets active and says "Oh Wedding Jewellery ! Sorry we are not interested". While, every jewel is taken off from daughter, she realizes that she cannot have them unless she marries. She asks about guys name to initiate the wedding topic again. Father is like in heaven not able to understand how come suddenly she is interested. Thats when the sarcastic, confident, silent mother sends an sms to father that its been so long but still he doesnt know anything about ladies. Indeed ! only a lady would know about fascination with jewellery. Saying same is Tanishqs punchline in the end of ad- Jewellery that makes you want to marry. 

The ad is beautifully done capturing all the emotions that exist in family, all the bonds that exist in members of family, all hesitations and desire that exists in different generations, all gaps that exist between the ages and genders. Jewellery is always an emotional asset for ladies and understanding the mind set of the target audience is the best that has been taken care of here. Nobody can be left without a smile after viewing this ad, be it parents or be it daughters (sons are definitely not the target segment). 

Jewellery for ceremonies before wedding ceremonies !


  1. gr8 ad..do you know who's the model? She too is beautiful!

  2. A very insightful ad and a very insightful blog...achieving the balance btw modern and traditional is a tricky feat potrayed beautifully by the ad and described equally well by your post...Great choice and sper writing..:)

  3. @ Prakhar: The young model is Aditi Sharma and lady playing her mother is Arundhati Nag from movie Paa.

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