Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catch the Ketchup !

Ad By: Contract Advertising

Curious for Ketchup brand?

We know of several ketchup brands, few for their Javed Jaffery comic ads, few for their long old existence and few for their sophisticated and different appeal. Midst this, comes another international brand which tries to be more than local in their approach. Field Fresh Foods, a joint venture between Bharti Enterprise and Philippines based Del Monte launched two variants of its sauces (not ketchups)- tangy and fruity Twango and Sweet and spciy Zingo. Del Monte has been into producing packaged food items such as canned fruits, olive oil, pasta, olives and now when they come to add some new flavor thru their sauces they have been very cautious in reaching the consumers head or heart or stomach or just the taste buds.

The product like sauces is generally taken by the ladies or by the young people. So considering that, ad aptly shows a lady and few young guys. Moreover the lady taken is Shefali Shah who is a well known actor and is well recognized by Indian ladies and youth. As product is trying to target middle class and is avoiding to show themselves as some international brand, so the ad is shot in a train with a lady having a samosa (Indian snack shown may be to show connectivity). Lady is trying to put sauce on side of her plate and is irritated as sauce is not coming out of the sachet. It is to note that either she has not even opened the sachet or sachet is empty implying she must have already eaten another samosa as the one shown here looks untouched. So the problem is not her liking towards taste of sauce but towards the packaging. Other shot shows few guys who were comfortably sitting in standing train but suddenly thought that they should leave. One of the best looking guys amongst that group is for some reason carrying a bottle of sauce in side pocket of his bag where people generally keep water. He offers sauce to the lady and put it over her samosa so that she gets only one bite of it and while he is doing this, lady is so mesmerized looking at him that she ignores her samosa completely. Though generally ladies of Indian families teach that one should never take anything from the stranger but guess thats not applicable for young guys who travel in train. The lady got lost in taste and she wants to know what is it that has tempted her taste buds so much. She is now on spree to find out the brand of the sauce. Punjabi lady dressed in salwar kameez like Kareena Kapoor of Jab we Met jumps out of the train and starts her chase. She is shouting, screaming, running, jumping to catch the guy but no one around notices her to pass her message further. She is climbing stairs where no one is there but she certainly knows what direction guy has gone. Though it is a train journey so train must have stopped at any station but still it is confusing to understand what they are trying to show. Punjabi lady chasing metro city guy leaving a station that has Mumbai board outside it but having AP registered taxis running on road with Rajasthan kind of buildings around and chai wala with turban. May be thats an effort to show that they are reaching "entire" india. Once she finds from him which brand it is she is satisfied and returns. She just wanted to know it for her curiosity, not that she wanted to have more of it and the guy is also fine in throwing away his bottle of sauce to her. 

The ad is very predictable and obvious story line. Though the effort is nice by taking a good endorser but with this kind of product and brand endorser, there could have been much more to experiment. The video takes attention but losses it till the end.

Should have been desire for ketchup brand. 


  1. As one of my Professors said in Colleg "In the Entire Process" Del Monte has kicked a Maggi Carton in the Ad, showing there disgust for the competitors and informing them that they have arrived in India.

    Well Shot Del Monte, nice article Aas!!!
    What would Del Monte do with you :)

  2. They have tried to hide those "Maggi" cartons fixing brown tape over it. But in presence of consumers like you, courts are going to have lifelong tasks :). So we might just see headlines of Del Monte and Maggi after Tide and Rin.