Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PEEK is in AIR thru CEL

Ad By: Dentsu

E-Marketing for E-Mailing !
No end to revolution in technology throwing variety of gadgets in market with spaces in pockets been taken by new devices. Devices that connect you to the world. Everyday we see new mobile handsets coming up which offer so many new tools that we might just not be aware of even after year of usage. When world is busy adapting itself to complexities of technology, there is someone in market who is trying to take us back to simplicity by sorting out different stuff in different devices. The new device "Peek" brought into market by Aircel comes with convenience of checking emails (only emails) of around 3 ids on a phone look alike device. So it tries to capture a vast market between between basic functional device and top end Blackberry market. One end thou cheap but doesn't give facility of e-mailing and the other end thou gives all facilities but is too much of price for masses. Peek tries to make these ends meet. 

Peek is advertised as e-mail handset. Gives a new email alert with a blue light on top and is advertised as thinnest email checking device ever. The device is priced at Rs. 2999 (near to very basic phones and too low as compared to high cost smartphones) but there is a cost of connection - post paid or prepaid which is around Rs. 897 more from the pocket. Keeping safety into consideration, security lock is provided and also all data is deleted if password is attempted to enter more than 10 times in a row. With all this into product and with all the concept in minds, there are certainly many who are convinced about the offer but criticism always take bigger seat than appreciation. So when there has been a dare to bring revolution of simplicity in complex world then there must be some complexity in way it is put across to audience who defines the market. Simplicity there might let it go simply ignored. 

Suddenly came into notice that the sites which are most frequently visited these days has got an ad from Aircel and this time not for saving tigers but telling to Peek. Social networking sites, technology updates, cricket news in times of IPL, all carry the ad for "Peek". "Internet marketing" is the used marketing tool. Target is people who are mostly on go and never want to miss their emails while they are not around their laptops/PCs and who cant afford or not interested in smartphones. When they are using internet they have already checked their emails and are browsing different sites. They might just not realize the need of email handset at that moment and would not understand the significance of product that time. When they are on "go" they might me missing their email and if told them at that time about Peek, then certainly it is impossible for them to underestimate the significance of product. Newspaper ads, magazines, ads in AC coaches of trains, Metros, Television, there are many traditional ways which are more than required to capture the audience. Though these include a high portion of cost but then indulging into non traditional ways to identify new ways of tapping on customers is all whats required to market yourself. 

Marketing is no use if market is not knowing about it.

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  1. Thanks for your post. I am the CEO of Peek and I would like to complement you on covering our product so comprehensively in your post. One clarification is that the service is priced at Rs. 299 for a month of unlimited mail (and therefore Rs. 897 for THREE months of unlimited mail).