Saturday, March 27, 2010


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Sharman Joshi ad- Airtel (In Air) & Nokia (No Notice)

Sharman Joshi, the youngest and the most confused idiot of 3 Idiots is now on spree to bring attention of everyone towards their mobiles. He is such an awesome actor that he can bring life to any product or any service. And thats what we are seeing these days. The product Nokia and the service Airtel both are the dominant players in their own fields within telecom industry.

Sharman Joshi was seen on television sending sms to flatter a girl and with his cute act, he took no time to become discussion topic everywhere. Everyone knows that Sharman is saying "Baat karne se hi baat banti hai". There are series of acts now, one better than the other but each one leaves with a grin that defines the cuteness of ad campaign. Like came the Zoozoos of Vodafone, now the Sharman Joshi ads of Airtel are on top of mind for everyone capturing a big share of heart and holding giant sized share of conversation and voice. They have indeed taken the attention with these ads, but Airtel has also changed their communication with them. Earlier, they said "Express Yourself" which carried a better emotional connect than todays "Baat karne se hi baat banti hai" which is more practical. It is a wise decision to take the most vibrant endorser in a dynamic style having a concept which connects with each that constitutes audience. Having made such wise decisions, there was not much of a need to change the tagline "Express Yourself". It somewhere weakens the brand image. It is acceptable that the new tagline is giving a theme and bringing a stronger bond but with such high standard of marketing, definitely there are ways to separate the theme statement and the tagline.

When Sharman Joshi is becoming news with 3 Idiots and is getting noticed in Airtel ads, Nokia also took him along to endorse their Nokia 5300 Xpressmusic mobile handsets. He is taken along with Adah Sharma, the beauty of 1920 movie wherein the cute couple is out in a store to shop for Adah. She is trying different attires in trial room while he waits outside for her to show different looks. Sharman flirts with another foreigner lady playing different songs on his mobile for this lady and for Adah. At the end, she is annoyed and he again plays another song from his mobile. The ad carries Sharman Joshi, a mobile handset, telecom feel, notorious character, and fun. It carries everything that exists in Airtel commercials. When Airtel has already got so much attention, then midst of this bringing another ad by different brand is like getting enrolled for risk. Nokia has certainly gone unnoticed for majority of audience. The audience has enjoyed the concept and presence of Sharman Joshi with his own peculiar acts but when the act ends they hardly notice what product/ brand it was talking about. It is definitely a very wrong use of your resources. Having Sharman Joshi and Adah Sharma, there are wonders that could have been done by telecom giant Nokia who is known for his expertise in being different. Besides this, the ad is been shot by same cinematographers as movies "Kites" and "Dostana", Mr. Anyanka Bose who generally shoots only film. Nokia is carrying the best with them but still they are left unnoticed. I am sure how many of us have counted this Nokia flirting commercial as one of the ads when counting all Airtel commercials.

Marketing is more about timing.

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