Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Parachute - Per Ad Sales Shoot Add

Ad By: McCann Erickson

"Khubsurat hai badna"- Hair and Brand
Parachute has made a position for itself in market today that for major part of customer base Parachute is synonymous to Hair Oil. Be it credited to its years of existence or to its product quality or its brand awareness, everything confines to its marketing strategies. When a product gets old, it also gets experienced and with that experience comes along a pride which bounces an attitude of arrogance. With that kind of product lifecycle, a brand is ought to mess with its marketing campaigns. But Parachute has wisely taken care of its communications at every stage. From right brand ambassador like Asin and Anoushka Sharma to right tagline of "Gorgeous Hamesha" and "Khubsurat hai badna", it knows how to maintain the brand features.

The new ad talks about journey of a girl in her life where every moment becomes a milestone when she gets certain new learning developing her into a newer better person. The ad starts with a lady in saree elegantly standing besides a window and remembering her days gone by while running her fingers thru her hair. Starting with short hair when she is with a friend dressed in casual jeans, moving to a subtler attire where she gives gift to a house maid carrying her hair little longer and then shown considerate about emotions of her mother while dressed in suit and having even longer hair this time. The gesture is very broad and simple. They don't try to claim the immediate benefits of product rather very beautifully show that it takes a long journey to get those long hair like it takes a long journey to become a better person. Slowly, we move ahead in life and every small incidence leaves us with some impression where we learn something and constitute it in our character. Likewise, the nourishment for hair is used for life and it becomes part of life that stays along to keep us growing. 

The point put across is as clear as lame it is. Though it is clear that they want to talk about the journey of life and wants to show that Parachute should be a part of life but at the same time it also leaves a very lame impression. It doesn't encourage much about the product characteristics as it is instead showing that product is kind of slow resulting and it might take ages to get desired form. But perhaps, at this stage of lifecycle, a brand doesn't really need to bother to prove its product characteristics, rather only needs to show the significance of its presence. At the end, ad leaves with a beautiful thought of growing and growing beautifully. 

Khubsurat hai badna from inside and from outside.

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