Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Enter into business, print about the new idea and generate Revenues !
The tough competition and easy choices have turned many into entrepreneurs. The tough competition and easy choices have increased the scope of advertising. Every one in their every day life think of some revenue generating new ideas and many amongst everyone move forward to materialize it. Resulting, we know of many entrepreneurs today in their late 20s or early 30s who have either seen difficult times or have casually on a coffee table started with their business ideas. It doesn't take 25 years now to become big overnight. The stories of entrepreneurs existed earlier also but they were not known like they are known today. Reading about success story of small business was an occasional thing in some business magazine. There were few channels who gathered such info and shared it through print media telling them as an inspiring success story. 

Now, with marketing medium getting dimensionless, there is no end to subjects that are exposed and informed. Amongst, various mediums, print media is the most prominent one that has grown despite of technological advancements that acts against it. Magazines today are carefully segmented and within various segments there exist a huge competition. They still carry the success story but today the way they are segmented and targeted, the purpose of sharing those stories is entirely changed. More than a story or news, they are source of revenue for both the content maker and content publisher. The content maker (Entrepreneur) shares about his business idea in a specific magazine evaluating who is the target segment of his business and which magazine is followed by that segment. The reader would certainly acknowledge the business that is shared in an authorized magazine and would follow it. The publisher is certainly benefited from the revenue generated. It is wise to merge the resources in this way so as to get win win situation. 

Entrepreneur who makes videos for families understands that Femina would be the right choice as woman readers of Femina carry that emotional quotient to acknowledge the significance of product offered. Thus, her story is a success story in Femina which is presented as to motivate woman audience but also gives information about the product creating interest towards it which would encourage more sale. Likewise, small businesses for whom the target segment is youth -college or corporate people share about themselves in a section of Outlook Money. It is indeed interesting to notice the way various resources are utilized now. 

Significant part of entrepreneurship is definitely marketing !

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