Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flush the Confusion !

Ad By: Mall Revenue Generators 

The area most frequented and most ignored.
In todays time, hangout for people in and around metro cities is the nearest or farthest (for experiencing a change) mall to them. Counting the footsteps in each mall irrespective of what it offers is possibly an employment avenue now. The malls are competitive in terms of outlets they offer, the carpet area they have, the aesthetics, the crowd, the food court, and even the washrooms. When the uncountable crowd reaches this competitive mall, there is a high probability of more than 50% of them to visit the washroom of the mall. Without a need of experience, it is certain that the washroom for men and women, both are equally good platforms for advertisers. While there would be hundreds of ad in a mall but they wont take our attention the way less than ten ads would take in a washroom of a mall. 

When the walls of a place where you are present completely for a specific purpose are filled with supposedly washroom centric brands, then there are no doubts about the attention taken by those advertisements. Till the time attention remains on the advertisements, it is insightful and definitely talks about the kind of brands the mall support. But the moment, it is observed that the brand in the ad is different from the one used, it ruins the entire image of the brand in ad, brand in use and the marketers of mall. In one of the premium malls of Vasant Kunj, Delhi, it shows the shower fittings of brand Grohe in the advertisement but the fittings used otherwise are from different brand. Definitely, the mall would not have showers fitted and thus can be debated about the difference in brands. But at the same time, when a brand is placing its ad in presence of another brand which belongs to same domain, then it dilutes the image of each brand. Grohe comes across as unconfident of their other range of products and seem to be certain about showers only thereby not placing their product in the right place but just the ad of the product which has no use there. 

Generally, placing such ad does not make a difference to the brand as hardly any one observes what they see and what they use at such places. But it is definitely an onus on the brands to understand where they are placing themselves while positioning themselves in the market. More so, it is an onus on the marketers of respective malls who portray themselves to offer the best. They should certainly make sure that what they advertise they believe in it. It is no less like Ranbir Kapoor advertising Nissan but driving Volkswagen. So, audience is smart today to notice even the unnoticed and hence it is very much necessary to make sure the avoidance of any such confusion of brands. 

The area most frequented is also most significant. 

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  1. t would seem to me that Grohe has the better end of the deal. No one will notice the brand of the shower as no one is going to look for it, but an in your face ad for another product is definitely going to catch your attention. In any event, why should it be the responsibility of the mall to ensure that the other brand being advertised is not a competing brand - after all, their deal with the first shower brand is only going to be a simple purchase and not a purchase-cum-advertising contract. As I see it, the mall has zero obligations towards the first shower brand and is perfectly entitled to generate revenues by advertising the second brand.