Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Balance mind ! Scooter can wait!

Ad By: BBH

Try to convince them about balance !
TVS Wego is certainly trying to convince its audience about the balance feature that the new scooter has. The usual ingredient of an automobile advertisement are present in this ad too so as to make sure that it is served right. Handsome guy driving the vehicle, smart girl always happy to be pillion rider, interesting background music, beautiful roads that are seldom found in India, some crowd who are present on road for sole reason of ogling at girls (not the product) and last but not the least- the product itself. TVS Wego thrills everyone watching this new ad that highlights the USP of product as its balance. They create a pleasant surprise story that ends with telling the balance of vehicle as reason behind this setup. 

The ad starts with complete calmness when two couples are minding their own business and are being responsible citizens by stopping on the red signal. Suddenly, everything changed - the calmness vanished, the life of two couples turned into ego of two ladies, responsible citizens became irresponsible passionate dancers who even forgot their helmets for their passion of dance. Two ladies look into each other's eye and one look to other lady made the guy lucky. They realized that the men they have is better than the other one and each lady shows some move to other that how smart she is to do impossible things on a scooter. They don't care for safety, for traffic rules or regulations, for the guy who is actually riding the scooter when she is making all efforts to wobble it, don't even care about the third lady hand that comes in between. The point of focus in the entire ad and in the background music is that how proud the lady is about herself and her partner. The entire ad didn't talk responsibly about the product but instead was a clip to show the human nature wherein girls hold ego in front of each other and guys hardly care about anything whats happening on their back.

The dance poses, the moves, the flexibility of ladies indeed at the end gets justified when it shows that because they were on TVS Wego they were able to do all these tricks. But certainly, the concept is not full proof. If they had to highlight the balance, they could have shown one scooter supporting the feature and the other one failing to do so. When a vehicle is talking about balance, then the viewer is not interested in knowing that would he fall if he dances on the vehicle. He is interested in knowing if vehicle would be able to balance his body in difficult situation or in bad road conditions. The ad doesn't even show that ladies are proud of their vehicle, the way it comes across is that they are proud of themselves only. It only showcases a shallow mind of the riders in the ad and not specifically the balance of vehicle. Even if we ignore all these, an automobile company can not afford to miss on safety regulations like wearing helmet. 

When can't convince them, confuse them!

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