Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ad aches with Quakes !

Ad by: Times of India (Delhi | Gurgaon)

Once upon a time there was a NEWSpaper.

There were days when the pages of newspaper were flipped to know about the world. What so ever was small or big that was needed to be known to the masses had newspaper as its source. Today also the same pages are flipped but the purpose is not just "news", but also to know the exciting offers in huge stores in the vicinity, to explore the best travel packages in the proximity. The number of pages are more, the size of same is larger, the colors used are various, and also the list of sources for this content is humongous. When there is no constraint for relevant content then why the advertisements are only way to sustain. The blame is not to the advertisements that are using the space of newspaper but the blame is to those who portray the most significant piece of news as onus because of these advertisements. 

It won't need to check the boundary of own nation to understand the plight of fellow nation, Japan after the quake that shattered the power which was just below the superpower of the world. Each living thing present on this planet is by all means standing along with the nation in this time of pain. Our media sources are reaching to the places for us to know every bit of what is happening or what is not happening there. The front page of every newspaper on Saturday,12th March 2011 talked only about "Japan". But the front page was not the only page, and the quake was not the only subject for the mention. The 6th page of TOI, Delhi wherein 2 pages are dedicated for Gurgaon news (circulated in Gurgaon only) had a huge advertisement. The ad said "Japan Circle trip". The worse part is that this kind of ad (package of Japan) was never seen earlier and this day when the country is in pour of problems, there is an ad for tour. The technicality of procedure of placing the news and advertisements on specific dates is understandable but the people who run such powerful medium should know that what responsibility they hold. Even if the ad was blocked for particular date and section, there was no way that it couldn't have been stopped. It is a shame that even the obvious is complicated for people today and the humanity is just human business now. 

The ad should have been cancelled, if that was not possible, the circulation of paper should have been stopped, if that was also not possible, an additional note should have been given to explain it, if none of this is possible in todays world where solutions come before problems, then the easiest task would have been to shut the business. May be there should be a role of "Human sensitivity" in media house who keeps a check that humanity is not missing in spree of reaching humans. 

These days we have papers. 

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