Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tool called "We make the tool"

Ad By: Saatchi & Saatchi

Lenovo is just making the tool !
Whenever a brand decides to market itself, the first question in everyones mind, even of a non marketer is who is the target audience. The entire communication is designed keeping the target audience at the center but how many communications actually read out that "You" are the target audience. The purpose of every marketing strategy is to take the attention of audience, create an interest towards the brand, resulting into a desire for the brand and an action from the target audience of being associated with the band. However, most of the brands are unable to complete this journey by either not taking the attention or else not able to create an interest after taking an attention. There is no end to creative designs and ideas that become the point of discussion for all viewers but usually all those creatives are the discussed point and not the product or brand. 

Lenovo comes with a creative which took the attention only with its content, the content that took the space on entire ad space for its huge font size but more than that it took the space in mind of its readers for the message it convey. The message says "We make the tool, you make them do"and it is so simplistic in nature that it reaches the readers mind in a very subtle way. Lenovo doesn't brag about their technology or expertise in their offerings, instead they say that all they offer is just a tool and is not worth anything if the customer is not with it. The customer do the thing that makes a tool worth what it is. This communication suddenly makes the reader and ultimately the consumer feel special. There is a brand who is not just telling about its proficiency and is just not saying that customer is god but is making a perfect balance. The customers won't be able to do things they want to if they don't have the right tool and the tool would be of no use if it doesn't have its doer.

Its difficult to be simple and strong. Lenovo is perfectly making a strong communication with a very simple creative. If any brand is able to make the audience feel special and is able to sustain the attention beyond that moment of notice, then the audience in itself becomes the brand ambassador for life.

Consumer is making the tool do ! 

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  1. Hey - I would agree that the ad in question is simple and delivers a message to the consumers. And yes your assessment is precise on their war cry "We make the tools, You make them do". It does leave a message in the minds of consumers. I went through few other blogs of yours and must say that you write well and is very matured. No judgement ok :-)
    I believe this line of Lenovo is promoting usage in small business enterprise. If i were to reengineer this ad, i would also emphasize on the sleek look and how less of space would it consume especially for start up since it's slim design making it a great choice for offices with limited space. May be that would also have an impact on minds of the target audience.
    These were my thoughts..

    Your feedback is welcome.