Thursday, June 25, 2009

Openin Happiness in Library

Ad By: Wieden + Kennedy

Place cannot bar happiness !!!

Coke believes that no reason can also be some reason to open happiness. From new bike in locality to senior citizens playing carom, anything can become a happy moment when Coke is accompanied with it. And now this time it is Library. The most unexpected place that can be turned into a happy place. But Coke seems to have no bars. The ad starts from a library (ends also at library) where everyone has their eyes in books lying in front of them, reading thru those boring books with a pen/pencil running from home to end. The obvious expression of boredom on face of guy and girl who are sitting across the table and supposedly reading their books. The guy looks around and tries to break the silence dipped in boredom with the girl. He starts by sketching a guy on his hand that waves a hi to girl. The thought thats obvious in everyones mind when viewing this is that guy is trying to hit on girl and just acting smart to impress her. The reply expected from girl is that she puts him off showing her smartness more than him. But No !!! She replies back with same difference. Another sketch, this time on her hand and in a more smarter way. The conversation is on with sketches on hands taking it along. Interestingly they take the story further with hands full in swing. Now enough of conversation and its time that they get along in some way. How can Coke be missed out when its about happiness. Happiness of two people getting closer. Guy amazingly draws a coke bottle on his hand. To which girl replies with Glass getting filled with Ice (Has to be "Thanda" Coca Cola). The girl gestures a yes by turning her glass towards coke on guys hand. Guy smartly opens the bottle and in the library, both bring their hands together so that coke gets in the girls glass. Wow!!! Cool, interesting, youthful though i also feel slightly kiddish but fun idea.
Only if they could also show that guy was also interested in the Coke and was not just interested in hitting on to girl then that would have been like "The Coke Effect". Or when the camera zooms out, showing other people sitting in the library, that time other people can be shown as bringing their hands also towards that guy. But still, Coke has always been interesting in their ideas and executions. Earlier ads has been on lines that how simple small things of life are important and are worth making moments of happiness. This time its about any place can be turned into stage to open happiness. Creative for sure. Coke maintains its image in the entire tenure.

Coke opens when happiness is already open !!!

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