Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dent = Happy

Ad By: McCann Erickson

HAPPY DENT...Justifies the name everywhere. Indeed !!!
Leaving behind such a "dent" in heads of audience that they just cannot escape noticing it. Its noticed in such a way that anyone wonders how do they think so simple yet so big. Always leaving behind a "happy" feeling.
The previous ad from Perfetti for Happy Dent which was also said to be the Best Advertisement is still so fresh in minds of audience that today also you can find it in any discussion about advertisements. Kudos to brilliance n creativity, they didnt choose to play safe and stay with an acknowledged successful campaign. Rather before it washes out from heads, they have new concept to cover the earlier dents. Again, the idea is so simple about a jungle and a village which starts on such a simple base that you are perplexed to see the way it concludes. A transport vehicle of Happy Dent broken down in a jungle and few elephants passing from there crushing them all. Day sets and like earlier days of Raja Maharaja (In previous Ad), Happy Dent again brings the brightness. They have never moved away from what they want to say. Any innumerable ways they have used to bring Happy Dent close to people but all they say is brightness lies within Happy Dent. Besides the superb execution of simple concept, the music in background compliments the entire picture. The video, the audio, the idea, the execution, the dent, the Happy feeling...makes it "The Ad".
The advertisement is definitely interesting but the best thing about it which is always there in Perfetti products ads is that they are equally interesting everytime they are seen. Surely, it is talked about, it is known around, what more is required to reach the consumer and get your product rolling.
When you win the race once, you are liked; when its repeated then you have to take onus of being champions. Happy Dent needs to meet the expectation of its viewer and consumer everytime now. Doesnt seem tough though !!!

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