Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mark never lets U c Dark !!!

Ad By: Lowe

A Marker can be a life saver. Thats what Camlin shows. The advertisement starts with such a sad set-up. The typical Indian village scene at time of some demise. A man on his death bed and the whole village is surrounding the house, the ladies start mourning, there is cry all over. The lady, the wife of man who just took his last breath is sitting besides the bed in state of shock with no expression. Other ladies start removing her bangles, all the jewellary she is wearing, everything that symbolizes a married lady. Supposedly she is a widow now so the vermillion mark is also supposed to be removed. Every lady tries but could not. Huh?? A surprise to the audience who is viewing it for the first time. And an irresistable laughter. Suddenly a sad situation takes a hilarious turn. Flash !!! Lady goes into memories when her husband as daily ritual has to put vermillion mark on her forehead but he used a Camlin permanent mark instead. Its an interesting way to show that how simple things bring smiles on our faces. The moment when he uses that marker was a moment of smiles which portrays their bond. And at the end when the marker could not be removed from her forehead, its amazingly shown that you just cant take it out of your life now, its permanently with you. The husband gets back to his life. Hilarious but touching, impractical but sensible, insignificant but important. The marker could actually bring smiles on everyones face, in everyones life. So a marker never lets you see darkness in life.
Not sure how much this ad encouraged consumers to purchase Camlin marker but surely the consumer mind is purchased. Simple things can make big differences.

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