Monday, June 11, 2012

Change the Fame !

Ad By: JWT

Shortcut to Fame- Change the Game !

There are few brands that don't need any campaign for their product promotion. They are so much part of everyones day to day life that all they need is different campaign for buzz innovation. Pepsi, Coke, Maggi are few such brands. When these brands advertise, their purpose is not to register their product into minds of customers, rather their sole intention is to stay in mind of masses and be always a topic of discussion. Having big celebrities as their brand ambassadors, doing activations in not so cornered places of big cities, buying all the inventory possibly available with television, newspapers, magazines; these are few endeavors taken by them resulting which not a single living human is unaware of their name. 

Following the trend of buzz, Pepsi has recently started something which they name as their new campaign- Change the Game. It definitely creates a buzz in mind when it is not clear what they are trying to say. Are they saying that all the money they have spent in taking up gods of one of the religions (read cricket) is meaningless and waste. Are they saying that all the money they have spent in getting the international players do some animated acts is just to tell them that India can make even those legends change their game. The cricketers play football and footballers play cricket, but at the end of that robotic act cricket wins (somewhat). So does that mean, Pepsi wants to say any sport would change into Cricket in India. Certainly not ! Hence confused sperm. Even if for a moment, the idea is taken and everyone is convinced that change the game, then from now on cricket fans should move towards football. Few months later, these converted football fans should move towards hockey, then boxing, then wrestling, with no end to the list. After all, "change" the game would remain constant and thus would keep changing the game once established. 

What is shown is not what is conveyed. It would be better to "Add" the game than to change the game. When you bring along legends of two sports, you are adding two pictures in one frame and not removing one to replace with other. If a brand tries to change the mindset of each consumer, it might result in loss of trust. Using a positive sentiment like "add" is risk proof option than to loose fame with rebellious word like "Change".

Long strategy to fame- Add in name !


  1. Totally a series of 2 ads that Pepsi has released under the caption "Change the Game", the message is totally different. While one shows that football as a game is a better choice, the other shows cricket is the ultimate no matter what.

    However, in doing all this, the brand has fulfilled its purpose of having a high recall in whatsoever manner.

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