Friday, January 14, 2011

Add an ad in an ad

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Benefit to two in cost of one!

The advertisements were generally considered as a platform wherein one product is talked about so as to take attention towards that one product. However, the ad today is not just about product but more about attention. The brand should be able to grab the attention of the audience, in process if the product centricity vanishes then that is taken as worthy. Similar effort for attention is co-branding wherein two brands come together in active and passive format. One brand develops an ad and forms a concept which culminates with discussion about that brand but in the process we also see the presence of another brand (passive brand). The passive brand is not talked about or mentioned but its presence completes the ad story.

The latest ad of Lava Mobiles wherein a guy with some other brand mobile is given candy for a change of money whereas when a Lava mobile user comes for a change he is handed over with Surex condoms (S placed instead of D to keep it obviously unobvious). It is a very strong depiction for defining the target segment for the product. A learned, smart and sensible customer would have condoms and likewise for Lava Mobiles. Though it somewhere leaves an impression of being a male centric mobile. Another example of co-branding is the advertisement for Everyuth face wash where in when the ad starts it shows a set up of an open restaurant with few females sitting across a table. The table places the cans of Sugarfree Dlite and until the face wash is introduced, the strong presence of cans reflects as if the ad is going to talk about the healthy (sugarfree) drink for young females. Both the products being from Zydus group makes the best out of a single platform. More so in the ad with our most widespread endorsers from Cricket. The cricketers endorse a pain relief ointment with Aircel branded team t-shirt. So their communication actively is about ointment but passively without verbally mentioning a word they show their association with Aircel. Such ads are good idea to deliver about a product or a brand when they make the ad story strong and does not interfere with the main concept. But when a product is placed without any contribution to the story then it gives a very lame look to the entire concept and ruins the image for all the products.

A very different and interesting co-branding came across when a brand used the other brand but did not show it or mention it. The mobile handset company Airfone used the already popular and acknowledged couple of Cadbury ad to show their story. The couple in Cadbury ad sits at a bus station and talk about guy’s mom, the same couple in same constume is now shown seated in the bus in Airfone ad. The girl takes the conversation left in Cadbury further in Airfone ad by mention of guy’s mom. The Cadbury ad was already known to audience and it was an amazing act to take the attention without investing much into it. The sequel of ads is an innovative way for a brand which understands its size in the market and thus acts wise by leveraging on a big brand without disturbing the essence of either.

It is an interesting and mature advertisement strategy when two are highlighted on one stage.  It certainly benefits two though unequally wherein it is difficult to decipher which one benefits more.

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  1. Whoa!! i saw all of this but never really thought all this was being done deliberately, and that the passive brand has a role to play at all..
    Interesting reads..all ur blogs..